Friday, January 17, 2014

Missy Goes to the Animal Farm

Way back in December, Missy and I were invited to visit the private petting zoo at a camp in Malibu that friends of ours manage.  Since Missy is used to the dogs, she quite enjoyed petting all the different animals.  Our friends report many children are too intimidated by the size of the animals to enjoy them, but I guess when you live with 4 dogs (2 of them Malinois!) that isn't a problem.  Missy had just begun walking, so she was able to meander around on her own.  However, she was still unsteady enough that I mostly kept a hold of her hand so she didn't fall and put her hands in the animals "mess."
Let the petting begin!

Photobombed by an alpaca!

Missy contemplates eating the dried banana meant for the animals.

I suppose I could share.

Is he going to eat my banana??

Norman is the cutest, more adorable calf.  6 months old.

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Norman investigates the tiny human.

Tiny baby lambs were next for petting.

So sweet!   Missy shows her what goes on in a petting zoo.

Next it was the black lambs term to be manhandled babyhandled.

He was quite popular.

A giant baby named Buba who out weighs Missy.  She wasn't impressed and ate her banana instead of petting him.

Chickens!  And ducks.

Feeding the fowl.  Note the lettuce in her hand.

I like this chicken.

Of course we had to pet Luke.  He is a border collie who is bigger than Pie!

Missy is holding a wooden egg.  It has a smiley face so it isn't accidentally collected from the coup as a real egg.

I love ALL the animals!!!!!!!!!

Petting Norman one more time.

Happy girl.

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