Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How Many Dogs Does it Take to Change a Christmas Tree Light Bulb?

A lot.

Merry Christmas from Fancy, Kerby, Pie, Missy, Roscoe, Molly, Dottie, Muffin, and ♫  a partridge in a Christmas Tree! ♫

 No lightbulbs or partridges were harmed in the making of this picture.  I am unable to speculate why Kerby is getting squished and why Muffin's eyes are closed.

Monday, December 23, 2013

IPO Trial

As I type this, Missy is harassing Pie.  Pie puts up with it, but doesn't enjoy the rough treatment.  It will be nice when Missy understands "gentle."  We've been working on it, but no improvement so far.  When Pie finally gets up and moves off, I tell her good girl.  I don't want her thinking it is her job to entertain the baby and she isn't allowed to move away.  Like it is some kind of test or something...

Two weekends ago our club had an IPO trial.  None of my dogs were entered, but that gave me plenty of time to take pictures and entertain the baby.  I took a ton of pictures but didn't get too many I liked.  Here are a few of the good ones.

She's running towards blind 4, but has her eye on blind 6, where the helper is.

Coming in for her long bite.

I love the smug look on the dogs's face.

Our IPO 1 dog taking a drive.  Look at that full grip!

Nice guarding. 

We had 2 dogs doing their BH (both passed) one dog going for IPO 1 and one for IPO 2.  Everyone passed with good scores!  For the BH, we used Missy in her stroller, while I walked with Fancy as the neutral dog.  Plus the other tests as well.  After the trail we had a catered lunch that was super yummy and that Missy ate everything she could get her little hands on.  We were supposed to have a BBQ, but it was too windy.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tuesday Night Class Photo

Since Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are both on Tuesday, we don't have class for 3 weeks.  One of the students brought props, so we took a class picture.  I usually only bring Dottie these days, so she's the only one in the picture.  Probably for the best because we didn't have enough props for 3 more dogs!

From Left to Right- Sister (Portie,) Kane (BC,) Boogie, Cooper, Roxy (Paps,) Dottie (duh,) Maggie (Springer,) Starlet, Vic, Rich, andd Lexy (BCs.)

Star, Vic and Rich belong to the instructor and are not in the class.

Merry Christmas!

Santa came to the dog show, so we took advantage.  Missy was not impressed.  First I bribed her with some Puffs, but the photos they took when she wasn't crying weren't that great because her hands are in her mouth.  After we were done with the Missy and Santa pictures, I stepped away to bring the dogs in and Missy started crying.  We weren't able to get her to stop, so they took pictures with her crying.  Sad.  It was also sad because the crying makes Pie sad.  Next I took pity on Missy and took her away from Santa.  It was just Santa and the dogs. Ho, Ho, Ho!

My dogs were very good with their stays and also with not attacking Santa.  I watched so Terriers who wouldn't stop barking at Santa.  I think they will be on the Naughty list!  My dogs are on the Nice list. :)  So is Missy.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Missy Loves to Share

...with the dogs!

I gave Missy a snack of Cheerios and when I heard the giggling, I looked up to find her sharing so nicely with the dogs.  I've tried to teach them to have gentle mouths, but I think they are much more gentle with her than me.  I love how Fancy investigates her finger, rather than just assuming it is a snack first.  Such good dogs and such a cute baby!

Christmas Decorations

Mom said since I have a child now, I have to put up Christmas decorations.  I thought next year would be the most important year to start, but since Mom then donated a string of light and a piece of garland to the cause, I decided to get busy.  Here are the results.

One of my friends saw my efforts on Facebook and proclaimed it was "sad."  After threatening to vandalize her own decorations (I know where she lives!) I decided maybe I could put forth a bit more effort.  I think I have another string of lights and another piece of garland in my black widow infested shed.  I keep forgetting to look while it is light, and I refuse to brave the black widows in the dark.  Stay tuned.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make...

Remember This Post?  Well, she's at it again.  I locked the dogs in the (tiny) kitchen after they had been running around outside and had muddy feet.  Plus, some nights the dogs don't settle down if Missy is wandering around and then I can have one baby and four dogs all milling around and it makes me tired.  Other nights everyone lays down and stays there while Missy mills around and then I'm happier.  So I used the muddy dog feet as an excuse and locked them up.  But Dottie stares at me the entire time.  Everyone else will lay down but not Dottie.  "Mooomm!  Dottie's looking at me!"  Oh wait.  I'm Mom now.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


And a Tibetan in a Maligator Mask. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ho Ho Dottie

Is this Dottie in a Santa hat, or Dottie in a Dunce Cap??  Actually, it is Dottie in a Santa hat with an agility cone shoved into it.

Christmas Dress

Not mine, Missy's.  Santa was at the dog show, so I brought her special Christmas dress to take pictures with Santa in.  Those pictures will be for our Christmas card, but here are pictures I took afterwards.  Sadly, my camera battery died, so I didn't get a really nice picture.

Missy wasn't too happy to pose with all the dogs.  I bribed her with the leash.

My pretty girl.

Missy wouldn't pose with Pie.

Then they both escaped. :)

The Human Thanksgiving Photos

Missy's First Thanksgiving!  I love the Mommy's Little Turkey outfit Nana bought for her.  I knew she would love this holiday because she LOVES to eat and I was correct.  I also love this holiday because I LOVE turkey and mashed potatoes so it was a great day for both of us!
She couldn't wait any longer so I gave her jellied cranberry sauce to tide her over.  It was a huge hit.

Older younger brother moved to a different state so the family was smaller this year.  

Added the peas.

Mom did a great job with the delicious dinner!

Dad did a great job carving the turkey!

Youngest brother did a great job eating the turkey. :)

Now she's eating the turkey.

She also had stuffing and mashed potatoes and loved them all!

How big is Missy?  Soooo big!

Notice her tray is completely clean and her shirt is a mess.

We read The Night Before Christmas after dinner.

Missy is 11 Months Old!

I love her in this outfit.  She looks like a small person, not a baby.  Soooo cute!  She was extra excited and now that she is walking it was extra hard to get a picture of her.  Too bad her adorable head band is falling down.

Determined to escape.