Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last Few Agility Trials

Since I'm so behind, here are the "win" (or not) pictures from our last agility trials.  Well, actually it looks like I only have once ribbon picture.  This is from the 3 day trial.  Fancy finally got a chance to play and even after several months off, she got a QQ!  Pie got a double NQ (sad) and Dottie got one QQ (yeah, finally!) and 2 single Qs.  I brought my big camera and took some still shots and some action shots.

Smiling Dottie.

Pretty Pie.

The owner of this dog (Lucy) liked the picture so much she made it her FB profile.

A different golden, Ryder.

This could be in a calendar, if I do say so myself.

Showing off by taking a picture of a black dog that didn't turn out like a black blob.

Border collie running between jumps.  Jumping pics get boring after a while.

Ryder again.  She liked this picture so much she submitted it to the Golden Club newsletter.

Red merle border collie taking off from the start line.

Happy Easter!

Yes, I KNOW I haven't bloged forever.  I've been watching Netflix!  Poor excuse, I know.  I have a draft of a blog of the improvements I've had done on the house, so that will probably show up under this one at some point.  The house is clean and the snacks are out and I'm waiting for the family to show up for Easter.  Waiting, and waiting... The good news is it has given me a chance to blog.

Muffy tips over.

Muffin looks extra cute while Dottie pouts.

Pie kept licking her lips and ruining the picture when I said, "cookies!" to get ears up.  Also, Dottie's eyes are closed.

Finally got Dottie's ears up but Fancy wouldn't look at me.  So I cropped her out.

Success!  Except Fancy doesn't look too happy.

Muffin practicing his best devil dog face.

The house, aka The Best Nest, gets into the (secular) Easter Spirit.