Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Rest of the Decorations for Missy

I put up the "expansion pack" for the Missy decorations.  I had to be extra creative with this set because there were no directions!  Gasp!  That and the branch is supposed to come from the left, but I wanted it to come from the right.  I made it work.  The little things are butterflies.  And some are hearts.


Missy has her bottle because she was drinking it when it was time for the picture.  I (nicely) took it away and she started to cry, so the picture looks like she is terrified of the skeleton.  I quickly gave it back and she was happy.  Hence the bottle in the picture.

Fancy gets a pet from Mr. Skeleton and is his new best friend.

The Moon

Yes, I like to take pictures of the moon.  Here is a picture taken during the last full moon with my new Canon "point and shoot."  Very happy with this camera!

Pie Sammie Club Trial Results

Since I had to pull Dottie, I only had Pie entered, and only one day.  That did give us plenty of time to go to Lombardi's, but I wish Dottie wasn't injured!

Pie got a QQ with a first and a second, then posed with my pumpkin to get into the Halloween Spirit!

Some Dog Halloween Pictures

Roscoe was NOT pleased.

Molly had no idea what was going on.

Of course Pie loved it.

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Dottie is planning her revenge.

Maybe it isn't so bad...

Both ears up!

Fancy in USDAA

Fancy entered the Performance Versatility Pairs Tournament to help our friend J and her dog Chip get their Championship.  (This was actually 3 weeks ago, I think.)  She only needs a few more requirements to get it and this was one.  Two dogs team up and their scores are combined at the end of the day.  If your team is ranked high enough you qualify.  Team "A Chip Off the Ol' Fancy qualified!  Fancy did great in everything except snooker were we only got 16 points due to getting 2 reds and 2 7s then the whistle.  Fancy is not a very good snooker dog since she used to need encouragement to go forward and take things.  So now she'll take things even if I don't want her to!


Fancy looks good in Missy's hat.

Pie having fun in Steeplechase.

Go Pie!

Pie was only entered in Steeplechase and got to move onto the second round, then we had an off course.

Dottie pulled her groin muscle so she couldn't compete and had to withdraw from the trial. :(   This has happened twice before and this is the first time it has been diagnosed.  Last week the vet said I could start leash walking her, but not even any jogging yet.  Poor Dottie is going stir crazy!  The bad news is once this happens, it is likely to happen again, as it already has.  This injury could haunt our entire career.

Lombardi's Ranch

Every year as kids we'd go to Lombardi's Ranch (out in the sticks) to pick our pumpkins.  It used to be a small affair but with the growth of the surrounding city it has gotten huge!  In fact the crowd was so large that if it wasn't the Halloween "tradition" I'd skip it next year.  They have people directing traffic and even the highway patrol acting as a crossing guard.  I went the last few years to watch little brother perform in the band, but this year I went to take Missy to her first pumpkin patch!

This is the uncrowded side of the patch!

I love this picture of Missy on a pumpkin!

Granddad and Missy having  fun.


Checking out the big pumpkin.

She fell asleep as we were leaving and turned into a "limp dishrag." :)

It was a big day because before Lombardi's we went to her day care's Harvest Festival.

Checking out the pumpkins.  "Just my size."

Pie poses with her witch hat.

Playing a "game."  Missy won some bubbles.

Missy telling Pie not to drink the water.  Too late.

She's too young to have real fun on the bounce house, but she stood on the side and pretended.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Decorations for Missy

I had time to finish putting up the vinyl stickers I bought for Missy's room.  I wanted to get something unisex in case there is ever a boy in that room.  I also wanted something large.  Most of the stickers that fit this criteria were trees of one kind or another and trees seem to equal monkeys.  I don't really care for monkeys, and I don't want them as a roll model for a child.  I found this one and thought it was perfect (no monkeys!) and I thought it could be unisex.  After getting a look at it in person, it seems pretty girly to me.  I'm not worried since I'm thinking positive that Missy won't be going anywhere.

I like how it turned out.  I also ordered an "expansion pack" that I'll put above the window on the opposite wall, but it hasn't shown up yet. Mine doesn't look 100% like the directions, but close! The biggest difference is the animals belong below the tree, but you'd never see them there in Missy's room.

Just getting started but 3 pieces have gone up already!  The chicken wall hanging moved above the doorway.

All done!

Close up of the cute animals.  I added the hearts.  How creative of me.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Zoo Trip

Nana, Uncle C and Mommy (that's me) took Missy to the LA Zoo a couple weekends ago.  The weather was perfect.  Missy slept through most of it, napping in her stroller, but she woke up in time to pet the goats and have some ice cream and pieces of a churro.  Yum!

She gets a little grumpy when the sun is in her eyes.

Uncle C approves.

Then he points out a seal to Nana.

Or it could be a sea lion.  Here it is upside down.

I think I took a picture of this same animal when we took Big Girl to the zoo.

Silly creature.

Meeting her first goat.

Nana and Missy and a pony in the back ground.

Petting a new goat.  She really liked this one.

She contemplates brushing.

Nana demonstrates. 

These birds had eggs in their nest.

Upside down tiger is like upside down Pie.

Baby giraffe!

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First bite of ice cream.  She LOVED it!

But it was messy!

Two happy girls.  One who had a lot of trouble getting up and down from that position.