Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fancy in USDAA

Fancy entered the Performance Versatility Pairs Tournament to help our friend J and her dog Chip get their Championship.  (This was actually 3 weeks ago, I think.)  She only needs a few more requirements to get it and this was one.  Two dogs team up and their scores are combined at the end of the day.  If your team is ranked high enough you qualify.  Team "A Chip Off the Ol' Fancy qualified!  Fancy did great in everything except snooker were we only got 16 points due to getting 2 reds and 2 7s then the whistle.  Fancy is not a very good snooker dog since she used to need encouragement to go forward and take things.  So now she'll take things even if I don't want her to!


Fancy looks good in Missy's hat.

Pie having fun in Steeplechase.

Go Pie!

Pie was only entered in Steeplechase and got to move onto the second round, then we had an off course.

Dottie pulled her groin muscle so she couldn't compete and had to withdraw from the trial. :(   This has happened twice before and this is the first time it has been diagnosed.  Last week the vet said I could start leash walking her, but not even any jogging yet.  Poor Dottie is going stir crazy!  The bad news is once this happens, it is likely to happen again, as it already has.  This injury could haunt our entire career.

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