Thursday, October 3, 2013

And MORE Dog Pictures

I had the urge to use my camera again today.  I took some action shots and also played around with the built in features like "soften" and "toy camera effect."  I really have no idea what makes it look like a "toy camera." The bad news is the camera started whining when I zoomed in and out.  I'll call Target but I probably have to go through Canon which means shipping the camera off and being without it.  Darn.

Started out with a regular photo.

This is softening.



Everything is monochrome except 1 color.  I picked the green grass.

Pie and the green grass.

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This time I picked the pink on Missy's onesie.  I like how the pink ball in the corner also stayed pink.

Missy is in the walker to keep her safe while the wild dogs run around!

I need to read the directions because now the grass is pink!

Fisheye.  Poor Dottie.

This effect blurs the top and bottom.

Softening of Muffin.

Monochrome Muffin.

Vivid Fancy.

Back to regular photos for the action shots.  Is Pie sticking her tongue out at me?


Ummm... Dottie?

Fancy goes up....

And up!

Good catch!

Dottie misses it more than she gets it.

This looks dangerous for my face.

Missed again.

This time she tried to catch it with the wrong end.

Yay, finally!

The gather...

The spring!

And the catch!  Pie almost always catches it.

I like how the focus is Fancy's tail instead of Pie.  And he random drool is good too.

Last photo is pretty goofy!

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