Sunday, May 18, 2014


I don't always go out with friends, but when I do I take a picture to prove it happened.  B (from SchH training) and I had a nice evening in Downtown Ventura.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

900th Post!

Wow, 900 posts!

I have to actually post something, or else calling this the 900th post would be cheating.  Here is a picture of the lunar eclipse from a few weeks ago.  I set my alarm to wake up and see the rest of it, but the news article I read led me astray, and by the time I got up it was over. I was lucky to catch the very begining as I took my dogs out for the pre-bedtime potty break.

Taken with my Canon Powershot SX50 HS, which is basically a point and shoot.  The 50x opitical zoom sure helps!

Small Malinois

Fit on the front seat better.  Not to worry, we were parked when I took this.  Pie has only ridden in the front a few times, and she does not fit on the seat very well.  She cannot lay down, and can barely sit.  It does not work.  Dottie sits very nicely and as seen here, can get very comfy in a down.  Shhh..... she's sleeping.

Annual PT Test

Once again I took, and once again I passed, the PT test.  I was able to stay in the "excellent" category.  I ran faster on the run than I've run in a long time.  I didn't "leave anything out there" as "they" say.  Good job, me.  Until next year...

Frolicking in the Weeds

There is a near by field that we have been using for tracking.  It was seeded with rye grass, which grew after the rains.  Then the weeds started growing.  In some parts of the field they were up past my waist.  Once I noticed that of course I knew it was time for pictures.

I  think K's dog looks like a carousal horse.

Leaping Fancy.

On the way down all you could see was tail.

Up periscope!

It looks like she is smiling.

Now I think she is having a salad.

Loch Ness Monster.

One up and one down.

Home Improvements

I've been in the house a few weeks now and it is great!  It is so huge compared to what I am used to in the duplex and the studio before that.  Plenty of room for all of us!  Since moving in I've done a few improvements.  Or at least, I've HAD a few improvements done.

Removed and chopped up old clothes line.

This is the hole from the clothes line.  It was huge!

See, Fancy fits in it!

Then it went down even further at the bottom.  Crazy.

Security screen door on the back so I can leave the door open during the day for a breeze.

Electrical outlets on the back porch for the agility lights and dryer.

Ran the gas line out the back for the dryer.  The washing machine is still in the garage, but there is no hope of fitting my car in the garage with the dryer in there.

Blinds in the kitchen.

And living room.

These are the kind I got in the bedrooms.

New ceiling fan where there was only a light before.

When we had the "big" rain I pushed these trees over in the soggy ground since I was going to landscape the backyard.  The trees are still alive months later and the back yard still isn't landscaped.

Front screen door for airflow when I am home.
The most recent project was a new gate.

Nothing new here, just the weeds that grew in after the rain that I mow and weed whack every 2 weeks.  But now that it as been so hot and dry, they are dying off.

Giant Mega Ball

I bought this ball from a vendor at the Regional.  It was not this dirty when I bought it.

It is a Jolly Ball with a cover.  The Malinois love it.  Fancy tried to play with it a little but mostly got bashed by the malinois and by the ball so she stays away now.  Muffin runs in terror.

The cover got a hole after the first use, but hasn't been ripped to shreds yet.  The ball itself seems pretty tough.  I kick the ball around and the mals jump up and hit it with their noses then chase it around. Sometimes they keep it rolling for a while going in circles but most of the time it ends up stuck in a corner and I tell them back (to keep them from getting a grip on it) then kick it again.  Both have figured out to go for the little velcro seam where you insert the deflated ball, but both are pretty good about outing when I tell them to.  Somehow Dottie has perfected catching the ball with the very front of her mouth and holding onto the fabric not on the seam.  How she does this while it is flying through the air I have no clue.  Very talented.

I took lots of pictures but these were the best.

Pie rolling it along.

Flying Dottie!

Flying Dottie on the way down.

Goofy flying Dottie.

Fancy observes.


Dottie gets pretty worked up playing with it.

Fancy's ears look very cute here.  The Mals look painful.

A very hot, tired, satisfied dog.


Here is a picture of me.  And Dottie.

This is from the SW USDAA Regionals.  Last year we won Grand Prix and also got a bye in Steeplechase.  This year we didn't do much of anything.  We didn't participate in GP because we couldn't get qualified, and while we took 5th in round 1 of steeplechase, we had a bar in round 2.  We had a bar in almost every run.  The good part was our DAM team, Dottie is Gunning the Vette, with Gunner and Vette, got a Q.  This is my first DAM Q so that is one requirement towards the ADCH done.

ffluffy came for the weekend and her dogs did great.  I loved hanging out with her and she got to see the new house.

Pie was sad because she didn't get any turns and Fancy was cold so I bought her a coat at the vendors.  Muffin didn't think much one way or the other.