Thursday, May 1, 2014

Giant Mega Ball

I bought this ball from a vendor at the Regional.  It was not this dirty when I bought it.

It is a Jolly Ball with a cover.  The Malinois love it.  Fancy tried to play with it a little but mostly got bashed by the malinois and by the ball so she stays away now.  Muffin runs in terror.

The cover got a hole after the first use, but hasn't been ripped to shreds yet.  The ball itself seems pretty tough.  I kick the ball around and the mals jump up and hit it with their noses then chase it around. Sometimes they keep it rolling for a while going in circles but most of the time it ends up stuck in a corner and I tell them back (to keep them from getting a grip on it) then kick it again.  Both have figured out to go for the little velcro seam where you insert the deflated ball, but both are pretty good about outing when I tell them to.  Somehow Dottie has perfected catching the ball with the very front of her mouth and holding onto the fabric not on the seam.  How she does this while it is flying through the air I have no clue.  Very talented.

I took lots of pictures but these were the best.

Pie rolling it along.

Flying Dottie!

Flying Dottie on the way down.

Goofy flying Dottie.

Fancy observes.


Dottie gets pretty worked up playing with it.

Fancy's ears look very cute here.  The Mals look painful.

A very hot, tired, satisfied dog.

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Blue said...

It's HUGE! ! They look like they love it.