Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fez. Fezez? Fezes?

I've recently started playing Words with Friends. Mostly I loose which is disappointing. Occassionally I win. Currenly I a loosing every game I am playing. Except 2. So I guess it isn't all terrible. Today, against one of my regular oponents, I got to play "fez" (the Doctor would be proud!) AND the J was on a triple letter to boot! Sweet!  59 points.  I'll take it.


I've lived here in my new house since February, and I am just now getting around to putting some things up on the walls. I can't find my organizer with all my wall hanging nails, but since I did find my tacks I started with dog ribbons. This time since I have so much wall space I decided to orgainze them by dog. These are only their Championship ribbons and other significant achievemtns, and not their everyday placements.

Fancy is first: High in Trial obedience TT Nationals, 4 MACHS, High Scoring Masters Club Member, PACH and PAX, 2 Agility Invitational Finalists, 8th Place 20 inch Invitational, 2 4th Placez at AKC Nationals and 2 AKC Finalist ribbons plus her 2nd Place AKC Nationals Finalist Ribbon. Phew! A truly unlikely champion. That's my Fancy Pants!

Next we have Pie: 3 MACHs and a ribbon from the Parade of Titleholders at the Specialty.

And finally Dottie: I'd really like to get a MACH ribbon up there but for now we have her TDX ribbon, SW Reginal Grand Prix Final first place and her byes for semi finals at Cynosports in GP and SC. The green ribbon is from AKC Nationals T2B and is special because it was a third place finish but they only gave out a ribbon for first. It is interesting to me that the most physically talented of my dogs has the least ribbons. An exceptional dog needs an exceptional handler and when the handler isn't quite good enough the ribbon wall suffers. But that's okay because we had fun anyway and Dottie doesn't know the difference.

Mom N Daughter Togetherness

Before Mom had to go back to school (as a teacher for those who don't know) she came out to beautiful Ventura County to enjoy the local beach scene.  Actually, no, we aren't really into the beach.  Instead we went mini golfing and had lots of fun!  Mom won, perhaps because she is a better golfer or perhaps because I let her.  We may never know. :)  After golfing we were parched and hungry and headed out to a tasty lunch.  I won't reveal where because I don't want anyone to get too jealous.  Of course I visit my parents "lots" (in quotes because maybe not as much as I used to) but it always feels extra special when they have the time to come out and visit me.

You know those commercials where they talk about "reversing the aging process"?  Yeah, I'm pretty my mother is their source.  The only question is why isn't she sharing with me?  Also, I think she got a hole in one on the gingerbread house.

Imagine the Dog is a TriColor Aussie Mix

And instead of being bald the man has hair and a mustache.

I love her self satisfied smirk at the end.  Bad dog.

You may have to click on it to make it bigger.

Cute Dog Pictures

Really, with my dogs, are there any other kind?!?

After their haircuts.  Nice and short and cute!

After her hair cut Fancy felt very insecure and had to be all curled up all the time

Hiding on the bed.

Needed: a bigger couch or less dogs.

Pie asleep with her all in her mouth.  Very silly Pie.


A while back (it was a while back since I am behind on blogging) I was riding my bike home from work and after I made the turn off the freeway and when I was about a mile from my house at a stoplight, I noticed my bike seemed extra low to the ground.  I mean, I know they call it a "hugger" because you hug the ground you are so low, but it felt even lower, maybe more like a "flat on your stomach."  The light turned green and I attempted to go, but the bike had gotten stuck in wet cement.  Or something.  I knew either the engine had fallen off or I had a flat.  I managed to finish the turn then pull over with only one person honking at me.  Geeze, I'm having a mechanical emergency, give me a break.

Upon exiting (demounting?  dismounting?) the bike I discovered the front tire was flat.  None of the tow companies I called answered so I called the Harley Dealer which is not to far away, and caught them before "the driver" went home.  They sent a really neat trailer that cranks down to be flat on the ground.  "The driver" took me home and carted my bike off.

Since he (the bike is a he) already had an appointment next week for his 5000 mile check up, they kept him until then and then fixed the tire and did all of his routine maintenance.  I think they gave me a free tow, which was nice because everything else was so expensive.  But I guess that is what you get when you own a HD.  He's worth it.

(Wha wha whaa.. sad trombone sound)

Towed away.

The Importance of Obedience Training

The importance of Obedience training- when the glass lamp is mysteriously broken (who knew it was glass?) not only can you send the dogs away but they can also hold a down while you clean up and then take a picture. This is especially useful if the Malinois attempted to eat some of the broken glass before being sent away. Note, the visiting Dalmatian is not actually trained she just happened to be laying on the bed before the breakage happened.  I'm actually not sure where Muffin is.  He isn't trained either.  He probably ran off when he lamp broke.  He doesn't tend to get in the way like the Mals.