Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mom N Daughter Togetherness

Before Mom had to go back to school (as a teacher for those who don't know) she came out to beautiful Ventura County to enjoy the local beach scene.  Actually, no, we aren't really into the beach.  Instead we went mini golfing and had lots of fun!  Mom won, perhaps because she is a better golfer or perhaps because I let her.  We may never know. :)  After golfing we were parched and hungry and headed out to a tasty lunch.  I won't reveal where because I don't want anyone to get too jealous.  Of course I visit my parents "lots" (in quotes because maybe not as much as I used to) but it always feels extra special when they have the time to come out and visit me.

You know those commercials where they talk about "reversing the aging process"?  Yeah, I'm pretty my mother is their source.  The only question is why isn't she sharing with me?  Also, I think she got a hole in one on the gingerbread house.

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