Thursday, May 14, 2015

AKC National Agility Championship

We traveled to Reno again this year for the AKC Nationals.  Only Dottie was entered this year.  My goal was for 1 clean run (and hopefully a placement!) in the regular classes.  Sadly, I didn't meet my goal, but happily I was "thrown a bone" when Dottie won the 24 inch Premier Standard Class!  She won $102 also!  I will post the videos at some other time, but I was very surprised we qualified, much less won. The Premier Class is an extra hard standard class and I was totally late on all my cues, didn't get where I needed to be, and even forgot the course at one point!  And yet we still won.  Dottie is so good.

Dottie's first place ribbon.

Our 3 runs in the regular courses were not clean.  Standard was good but I think we had a bar.  Jumpers was a disaster.  I couldn't quite get my head around it and it showed.  Hybrid was good but also not clean.

Here are some other pictures from our trip.

Fancy watching the competition.

Most days our jump height competed last, so I was the last car in the parking lot.

Dottie thinks this tractor is sexy.

It was a long and boring drive.

The pictures I ordered for the competition came in the mail today.  I think they all show how athletic Dottie is and how hard she tires.  All pictures by Great Dane Photos.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

City of Industry Agility

I've mentioned before I enjoy this venue due to it being under cover and on dirt.  It seems Dottie knocks less bars on dirt.  However, the Expo Center has now started charging $5 a day for parking.  While that doesn't seem like a lot, combined with the gas it takes to get there, not to mention the time, I think I will be skipping further trials here and sticking closer to home.

We went out on a good note.  Saturday was not so good but Sunday we got a Double Q.  Second place in standard due to a spin after the chute, but a very smooth first place in Jumpers.  The courses this weekend were tricky.  I prefer tricky courses because sometimes the courses are too easy and boring (easy doesn't equal a Q for us, though.)  But these courses had weird angles- I didn't really prefer them.  But it did challenge me, so I suppose I approve.


My portable motorcycle garage finally came.  There was some trouble delivering it, but with the help of the tracking number, it was finally tracked down.

It is heavy due to the integrated floor, so it was good I was able to get help getting it into my back yard.  Setting up the CycleShell was super easy.  Just pulling it up and over.  Next step is to clean my motorcycle.  It has been sitting out so it is filthy.  Poor thing.

It is a lot bigger than I expected.  A tiny bit taller than me.  It still fits nicely in the place I park my bike.


From Dottie's instinct test, I knew she'd be good at herding.  She wasn't mean to the sheep and she wasn't too fast for them either.  Our only hold up was the cash needed for training.  Herding is not a cheap sport.  Now that I moved I have some cash to play with.  We've had 2 lessons so far and another tomorrow.  My plan is to do a lesson every other week because I don't have that much cash.  The trainer keeps telling me how well Dottie is doing and how nice of a dog she is.  You may think she's saying nice things to keep me coming, but I do know enough about herding to know that Dottie is already doing well.  Most dogs spend the first lessons running in circles around sheep.  The trainer already had Dottie coming to balance behind the sheep and walking up.  Here are some pictures from our first lesson.

Coming to balance for walking up.

Going one way...

Some frustration barking because she wants the sheep to go faster, but the trainer tells Dottie to slow down.

Then going the other way.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dottie vs the Bush

I finally made it back to IPO training after a long hiatus.  I've popped in now and then but usually didn't stay for bitework. I'd say it's been months since Dottie got a bite.  I worked Dottie and Pie in obedience then Dottie in bitework.  She did well (like usual) and as her reward I let her take the sleeve into a bush.  She always wants to do that but getting her back out is a small struggle so usually I don't let her.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The 2 Sides of Pie

Is this:

Even the same dog as this??

One appears goofy, and perhaps not intelligent enough to use a dog bed correctly. The other appears regal and dignified. This dignified other probably does not even sleep on a dog bed but on white down pillows.

Oh, Pie.  I love both your goofy and dignified sides.  A club member took these great photos at a training day I actually showed up for.  Since I am the sleeping dog stalker, I took the sleeping dog photos.
Dottie looks hot and happy.

Another view of the Dog Bed Fiasco Incident.  Dottie uses the couch correctly, Fancy uses the dog bed correctly and Pie... fails.  Good news, I've since replaced the couch cover.