Wednesday, October 18, 2017

All Done

I'm recovering at my lovely / loving parents' house. Both the house and my parents are  lovely but I believe only my parents are loving. Kind of an odd sentence. We will blame the pain and medication.

Rose Bush Part 2

Now my completely neglected rose bush has produced roses!

Beach Day

I'm using my pre-surgury time to catch up on blogging.  While Salty was with his breeder finishing his championship, I took everyone else to the beach.

Championship and Haircut

Salty finished his conformation championship, and even got Best of Variety the last day!! That is the same as Best of Breed in dogs without varieties. Because he finished his championship, he doesn't need all his poofy hair anymore, so we (his breeder) cut it off. I think he looks so cute!


Headed into surgery for a deviated septum.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Chew Bone

My mom calls dog chews "chew bones."  As in "Are you enjoying your chew bone Dottie?"

I think my dogs are enjoying their chew bones. Pie had one as well, no pictures. She was elusive.

Birthday Drive

Took the Miata up in the Malibu hills during lunch on my birthday. Deer Creek, Yarba Buena, and Mullhuland. My new tires are very sticky!

Happy Birthday to Me

The guys at work went all out for my birthday. Well actually the ladies.

They wrote this on the back of my car but I didn't know it. Not too many people honked but one or two did and somebody waved as they drove by. I didn't know what was going on because I didn't know this was on the back of my car!

Balloons all over the floor, cool dog wrapping paper, a Nerd wall, streamers, and stickers put up on the wall. Fun times.


Poof Head

This is a picture I took of salty after I groomed him for his show this weekend. I posted it on Facebook and got lots of comments about how he looks like a Silky Chicken. I agree! In case you can't tell the difference Salty is above and a chicken is below...

Rose Bush

As part of cleaning up my front yard I  hacked up all the dead weeds and dug up as many as I could and raked up all the remains but I also chopped my rose bush way back. It had a lot of dead branches and overall was not doing well. Which only makes sense because I have never since I lived here watered it nor done anything except chop it back when it gets too big sometimes. I noticed as I was leaving my house today it looks extremely healthy. It's a very hearty rosebush I suppose. Look how green it is with no water ever. Plus it's gets urinated on almost every single day by Kipling. Maybe that secretly good for it?

Monday, September 18, 2017

5 Dog Days

That doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Here is a family portrait.

And here are a few photos from running on the Navy base the past few days. Fancy and the Malinois all love to roll in the grass. I like to take pictures of them doing it. Not only are they cute but they're enjoying it so much. I have realized / remembered that when you exercise your dogs they are so much less annoying in the house every night. They just lay down and go to sleep rather than roaming around getting into things or pacing or breathing on you or any number of other things that I wish they were not doing. Exercising dogs is important!

Imagine the sound a race car makes here. He runs and runs and runs the entire time.

This morning Pie was upside down and Kipling did not want to get out of bed. 

We played at the Navy base dog park the other day and the dogs got very hot.

I really like the symmetry in this photo. Notice Kip is in the middle.

Salty can never run as much or as fast as Kipling. But he tries.

Old and young.

Pie still loves to run even if she has slowed down quite a bit too.

"And they're off!"

Fun times.