Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Malinois Helping with Camera Practice

I finally got the CD with the manual  for my new camera to work.  The setting are different than on my old Canon so I'm trying to figure them out.

Sarcasm: Dottie is very helpful.

Fancy is bite sized.

Dottie wants someone to be bite sized for her also.

Love the look on Pie's face.

Playing with camera settings- "toy camera" setting.

I think this was "vivid" setting.

"Model" setting.  Not quite sure what that means, but here it is.

This is the "nose elongater" setting.  :)

Another setting I don't remember. 

Another shot using toy camera.


I'm heading to AZ tomorrow for the Southwest USDAA Regionals.  Dottie is on a team with Bob and a papillon named Swinger and Fancy and Ho are on a performance team.  All the girls are also entered in Steeplechase and Grand Prix, except for Pie who didn't qualify for GP.  I was warned it was going to be very hot, but just today it was snowing in Phoenix.  Burrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elsmere Canyon Hike

On Sunday after the dog play time, the parents and I (and Fancy) took a hike close to home in Elsmere Canyon. It was a loop trail about 6 miles total.  My calves are sore today from the steep sections on the trail.  Here in my town we don't have hills, so I'm not used to it.  It was a nice hike, even if my body thinks it is a lot older than it really is.
The hike started off next to the freeway.

Mom and Dad hike.

Fancy checks out the freeway.

Nice view from up here.

We took the road more well traveled, and signed.

Not so scenic power lines back up on the top of the hill.

Back down the hill in the oak trees and shade.

Some tar seeping out of the rocks.

Going back up the hill.

A convenient bench for picture taking.

Cutest Fancy ever!

Mom and Dad pose also.

<3 td="">

Old oil machinery.

Steep section.  Working those calves!

Little rock guys.

Using the zoom lens to check out Magic Mountain.

Last top of the hill view before heading back down.

Dottie Standard 1st Place

I entered Dottie only, and only on Saturday, during this week's trial.  Dottie took first place in standard, and we missed a double q by 1 bar.  Sad.  But standard was a nice run.  I think we could have had more speed if I hadn't been as stern on the contacts.

More Sleeping Dogs

This time Fancy gets the prize for the best pose.

But Dottie and Pie place high in the brace category.

Playtime in the Sun

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day.  I was pet sitting for our friend Hal the Aussie again.  We hung out at the parent's house and all the dogs (minus Fancy and Roscoe who didn't want to play) had a fun play date.

Just starting off the play time.  Pie looks sly.

Dottie and Hal are BFF.

Hal says- Play with me now!

This looks like fun.

Dottie and Kerby are also BFF.


Pie was more about rolling than playing.

Kerby only pretended to be tired.

2 Girls against 1 Boy.  He looks happy.

More Wheeeeee!!!!

Muffin spectates.


I like Dottie's sneer.

Does this picture make Molly look fat?

Dottie plays hard to get.

Molly endorses 1-800-Get Thin.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boxer House Guest

Jupiter is the first dog I've watched who I did not know his owner beforehand.  Let me say he is one of the best behaved dogs I have watched so far!

He is loose in the house when I'm home and he hasn't urinated on anything.  He doesn't bug my dogs constantly and he settles nicely.

The owner said he is fine loose in the house all day but I didn't want to leave him loose with my dogs just to be 100% safe. I left him in the kitchen with his huge orthopedic dog bed and when I came home from work he had NOT eaten the cabinets, shredded the mat or had an accident.  What a good boy! 

He plays with Dottie a little bit, but his is older for a boxer.  I hope any future dogs I watch are just as well behaved as him.

Dottie is in there and he is waiting for her to come out.

Dottie and Pie biting each other.  What fun!