Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elsmere Canyon Hike

On Sunday after the dog play time, the parents and I (and Fancy) took a hike close to home in Elsmere Canyon. It was a loop trail about 6 miles total.  My calves are sore today from the steep sections on the trail.  Here in my town we don't have hills, so I'm not used to it.  It was a nice hike, even if my body thinks it is a lot older than it really is.
The hike started off next to the freeway.

Mom and Dad hike.

Fancy checks out the freeway.

Nice view from up here.

We took the road more well traveled, and signed.

Not so scenic power lines back up on the top of the hill.

Back down the hill in the oak trees and shade.

Some tar seeping out of the rocks.

Going back up the hill.

A convenient bench for picture taking.

Cutest Fancy ever!

Mom and Dad pose also.

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Old oil machinery.

Steep section.  Working those calves!

Little rock guys.

Using the zoom lens to check out Magic Mountain.

Last top of the hill view before heading back down.

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