Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dog Photo Torture...

I'm doing it right!  (That is a common meme on the internet; something such as- "Driving, Your (it is usually misspelled) Doing It Wrong!" and then there will be a picture of a car on 2 wheels.I like the Facebook page- Decoying- You're doing it wrong!  Mostly it is people who only put on the bite jacket and end up getting bit by working police dogs in the leg or rear end.  I don't generally find dog bites funny, but some common sense should be used. 

Anyway, this could also be titled, The Retrieve- You're Doing it Wrong!

If looks could kill...

Looks photoshoped, it it is real.

Pie's head is nice and flat. I got Pie's ears up, but they knocked it off.

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