Saturday, February 9, 2013

Boxer House Guest

Jupiter is the first dog I've watched who I did not know his owner beforehand.  Let me say he is one of the best behaved dogs I have watched so far!

He is loose in the house when I'm home and he hasn't urinated on anything.  He doesn't bug my dogs constantly and he settles nicely.

The owner said he is fine loose in the house all day but I didn't want to leave him loose with my dogs just to be 100% safe. I left him in the kitchen with his huge orthopedic dog bed and when I came home from work he had NOT eaten the cabinets, shredded the mat or had an accident.  What a good boy! 

He plays with Dottie a little bit, but his is older for a boxer.  I hope any future dogs I watch are just as well behaved as him.

Dottie is in there and he is waiting for her to come out.

Dottie and Pie biting each other.  What fun!

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