Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Beach

The dogs and I have not been to the beach for a long time, possibly over a year.  They totally did not approve of this so after sleeping in, then getting a new camera battery, then getting lunch, then stopping for gas and water (so Dottie doesn't drink the salt water- sadly it didn't help) off we went to the beach.  If you thought I took a lot of poppy pictures, just wait until you see how many beach pictures I uploaded.

Notice Fancy's skin being pinched in Dottie's mouth.  That is a bad dog.

Dottie swims. 

Brake check!

Channel Islands- clear day

Pie vs Large Wave

Fancy watches it go down

Pie for the win!

Dottie goes for the ball.

But a wave gets there first.

Going up....

Going over/ in.

Only her tail is seen.

Is that her ear?

I see her face! I think.

Yay, she's alive!

Fancy wants the ball.

She would grab it if she could.

The beach was well attended today.

A channel island.

A very sandy Fancy.  I suppose Sandy would have been a good name for her as well.