Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Bit early for Easter, but here she is anyway.  She likes the wind up bunny, the ears not so much.  It didn't help for the picture that they were too loose and whenever she moved her head they came off! :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I used my "new to me" portable dishwasher for the first time last week.  I got it off Craigslist for $100.  They are about $600 new.  I watched a Youtube video on how to hook it up.

Where it is while running.  The pile o' stuff on the counter has since been put away.

What it looks like all hooked up.  Really easy!

The video was very helpful and the diswasher worked great.  It got my dishes cleaner than the brand new dishwasher at my old house!  But I think the super hard water in that town is to blame.  The dishwasher leaked a tiny bit.  It was less than the amount that you get when you accidentally kick a dog water bowl full of water though.  I put a towel down then used the damp towel to mop the floor a bit.

The dishwasher rolls away easily after use and gives me extra counter space.  I'm really happy with it.


I finally got a triple (from Contact Point last weekend) and to commemorate the occasion I tried to get a picture of both Mals going over at once.  This is as close as I got.  They wouldn't both release from the sit at the same time.  Weirdos.

While I was taking pictures of the dogs this helicopter thing flew over.

Crazy Hair Missy

Missy was having fun sitting on Nana's lap eating a snack.  Kerby was getting up close hoping for a taste.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Chair and Naptime Fun

While Mom, Dad and Youngest Bro were visiting my new house on Saturday, Missy entertained us by having fun in her little chair.  Every time she climbed in, we'd clap and she'd clap along and laugh and laugh!  So cute!

Speaking of people visiting, here is the proof!

Today I was unpacking the "library" and having a toddler "helping" is even more unhelpful than having a Malinois "helping."  I put Missy in her room with toys and her blankie.  Since the rooms are across from each other she could see I was close by.  I left her diaper off since that is helpful in preventing rashes.  She decided to be super cute and take a nap on the floor.

First she was in a different position each time I checked on her.

Then she even changed locations.

Thanks to her nap, I was able to get the "library" unpacked and put together.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I remembered to bring the strawberries I signed up to bring for Missy's VDay class "party" and I remembered to dress her in her VDay outfit AND take pictures, but I totally forgot to get her VDay cards to hand out!  In my defense (thanks for pointing this out, Mom) the daycare didn't send home insturctions about what we could or couldn't bring and how many to bring, so buying some didn't even cross my mind.  One boy brought everyone a white rose.  Another mom made homemade cookies- they were ymmy, thanks for sharing Missy.  Only one child handed out the store bought cards, the rest of the kids (moms) did something personalized.  Perhaps it is the best I didn't do anything!

Missy gives Fancy a VDay hug.

And Fancy responds with a VDay kiss! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Day in Our New House

There was some confusion or misinformation about when I would close and then when I would get the keys.  First I was told Monday, then it was moved back to Wednesday.  My friends were going to help me start moving Monday night, but they were able and willing to reschedule.

I signed all the paper work on Friday after work.  The Notary that works for the escrow company explained each page, and I trusted her explanation and signed.  Hopefully I didn't sign my life away.  The number of pages to be signed was not too out of control.  After signing the closing documents, I zoomed over the the brand new bank just down the street, in order to wire the closing funds before the bank closed and before I was late picking up Missy.  Not only was the bank brand new, it was also empty!  I've never been in and out of a bank so quickly!  Alas, the funds would not wire until Monday since the cut off time is 11 am.  

On Wednesday I received the good news that the loan had closed and the keys were being released to me.  It sounded like they were being held hostage and in a way I suppose they were.

It is a lot of keys, they all seem to do the same thing.

My friends showed up after work and we started moving.  Missy supervised from her booster seat while eating left over mac and cheese from Red Robin.  Yummy but horribly messy!  

K brought her trailer to move the agility equipment and a bunch of other outside things, B brought her little truck and G and her husband M brought a crossover that we stuffed full of boxes.  A bit later E showed up with her cargo van.  At that point K and B took off for the new house to start unloading.  When G's SUV was full they left also.  E and I threw a few more things in her van and my van and then we departed as well.  By the time I arrived at the new house, the only vehicles left to unload were the cargo van and my van.  My friends really hustled!  We piled everything in the garage, out the back, and in the spare room.  It kind of reminded me of a hoard of locusts, but instead of eating everything in sight, they deposited all of my earthly belongings, then disappeared just as quickly as they came.  Your true friends are those people who volunteer to help you move, or who show up when you ask for help.

Just some of the things we moved Weds night.
Missy, Fancy and I at the new house after the box moving was complete.

Missy and I headed home and I added some more things to the van.  I noticed we forgot a lot of small items in the shed, and I knew that would slow the movers down tomorrow.  But we did get so much done, it wasn't a terrible tragedy.  The next morning before the movers came I threw even more things in the van such as my bath mats, towels, bedding etc.

I hired the movers off of Craigslist and since they didn't make me pay a deposit or anything I was hoping they were going to show up.  Much to my relief, they arrived, only a few minutes late, as I was taking apart Missy's crib so it could fit out of the door.  Happily, I only had to take the front panel off.  I showed the guys what needed to be moved (everything) and then took Missy to day care.  The movers advertised "2 Guys and a Truck" for $50.  I wish I had hired them for all of my moves.  Dealing with UHaul is such a pain, and with the mileage, those trucks end up expensive.  Then I also have to pay the guys I hire to move, but they are never professional movers, usually younger relatives of the guys at work.  Hiring guys who actually know how to move, bring tools and have their own truck is the way to go.  Plus, I think it was cheaper than any of my other moves.  There was plenty of room in their huge truck, but moving all the boxes and outside stuff a head of time probably saved me from paying for 2 to 3 hrs with the pro movers.

The big truck.  I felt silly taking a picture so I tried to hide and didn't get a good pic.

The movers had to take the door off the fridge to get it into the kitchen (but their power tools meant it took 2 seconds), and getting the crib into the bedroom was challenging, but after turning it around and around like a rubic cube, (the head mover had a plan, he just had to get it positioned correctly) it went in no problem.  I was impressed.  Other than that the move was nice and smooth.

After the movers departed, I began the unpacking.  I started with the garage because the stove was coming and as it was, nothing was getting through.  Plus, I wanted to know if my van was going to fit or not.  The garage is very narrow (1 car) so I had trouble finding a place for everything.  A shed might be in order.  After the garage was organized I was happy to learn the van does fit and I can get out.  But I better not gain any more weight!  Right now I have the luggage rack on the back in anticipation of the agility trial this weekend, and with it folded down the garage door would not close, so the van is outside for now.

After the garage I moved to the spare room.  My friends did not stack the boxes in the spare room so while the movers were here, I wasn't able to have them put the book cases in the room.  I re-arranged the boxes to make room, then dragged the book cases in and installed the shelves.  I stored items in the spare room closet and unpacked several boxes.

The gas man was scheduled to come turn on the gas today, and the new stove was getting delivered today also.  I was getting very hungry but couldn't leave due to the appointments so I ordered Dominoes.  It hit the spot.

I take a break and the dogs help.

Missy's room was next.  I am happy to report her room is completely unpacked and set up.  The only thing missing is her wall decorations.  I did peel each little leaf and stem and heart and butterfly and hedgehog off of the wall in her old room and transferred them to parchment paper, so when I have the time they will be ready to be put back up in her new room.

I had to make a quick trip to KMart (no Target, oh no!) for electrical plug safety covers since I have no idea what box I put mine in and Missy has a outlet by her crib.  From here I went to pick up Missy from day care.  I was heading home so Missy could have dinner before SchH club, but there must have been an accident because the road was horribly backed up.   I turned around and went straight to SchH since it is closer to day care than our new house and by the time we might have gotten home, it might have been too late to set out again.  We didn't stay too long since Missy needed dinner.  Sadly, the drive is longer from SchH to the new house, and it involves a horribly steep canyon which I am not too fond of.

After SchH, I fed Missy dinner (another horribly messy hit- Ravioli this time, and grapes).  I made a little more progress in the kitchen while she was eating and after she went to bed I tested my new stove by making cookies.  Yum, perfect!  Stove works great.

After this blog is done (soon, I hope) I have a big pile of clean clothes to fold then it is time to go to bed for the first time in my first house!

Of course I'll have more to say about the house and how great it is (so much room!), but for now I wanted to remember my first day here.  My first day when I am totally done unpacking will probably be more fun, but less momentous.

Making some progress.
Testing the new stove.  Perfect!
New job for the 12 lb Rottie- door stop.
Take away the boxes and organize the toys and it looks pretty good.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dog Show Picture

But not the type you might expect.  This was taken by someone I don't know and posted to FB a few weeks ago.  I found it because they "tagged" me.

BTW- in my previous post about the spinach, I didn't mean to imply my poor eating habits are the result of something my mother did or did not feed me.  I developed those habits after I moved out, and I am now trying to be better so Missy doesn't grow up thinking my bad habits are normal.