Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I remembered to bring the strawberries I signed up to bring for Missy's VDay class "party" and I remembered to dress her in her VDay outfit AND take pictures, but I totally forgot to get her VDay cards to hand out!  In my defense (thanks for pointing this out, Mom) the daycare didn't send home insturctions about what we could or couldn't bring and how many to bring, so buying some didn't even cross my mind.  One boy brought everyone a white rose.  Another mom made homemade cookies- they were ymmy, thanks for sharing Missy.  Only one child handed out the store bought cards, the rest of the kids (moms) did something personalized.  Perhaps it is the best I didn't do anything!

Missy gives Fancy a VDay hug.

And Fancy responds with a VDay kiss! 

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