Monday, February 17, 2014

Chair and Naptime Fun

While Mom, Dad and Youngest Bro were visiting my new house on Saturday, Missy entertained us by having fun in her little chair.  Every time she climbed in, we'd clap and she'd clap along and laugh and laugh!  So cute!

Speaking of people visiting, here is the proof!

Today I was unpacking the "library" and having a toddler "helping" is even more unhelpful than having a Malinois "helping."  I put Missy in her room with toys and her blankie.  Since the rooms are across from each other she could see I was close by.  I left her diaper off since that is helpful in preventing rashes.  She decided to be super cute and take a nap on the floor.

First she was in a different position each time I checked on her.

Then she even changed locations.

Thanks to her nap, I was able to get the "library" unpacked and put together.

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Claire said...

Those pictures of Missy are pretty much the cutest thing ever!!