Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pie's Last Hurrah

This weekend will be Pie's last time in the Regular 24 inch class.  I have the feeling she is no longer 100% comfortable jumping full height.  Even though she was in 6th place at the Nationals (until a bar came down) and even though she came in 5th in a large class of 27 dogs on Saturday, when I watch her jump, it doesn't look effortless, as it should be.  Pie will love jumping 20 just as much (or more) as she loves 24, so she will be happy.  But for me it feels like the beginning of the end...  Every one knows Malinois live to be 100, and I am happy to jump her lower so she can jump for longer.  Even if it does remind me that even 100 isn't old enough. 

I was hoping I could finish Pie's Mach 4, but since she just finished her Mach 3, this isn't realistic.  I know Pie can be very consistent, so I had hoped to zoom through the Mach 4 before moving her down to 20 inches.  However, since I only have been showing her 1 day a weekend, instead of both, she has not been zooming anywhere.  And on top of that, we haven't been QQing as much as we could be.  Sometimes it is a bar, and sometimes it is something silly.  This will leave us with 3 or 4 QQs at 24 inches, and enough points for 2 more Machs.  Wish we could convert those to 20 inches!

Besides the fact that is is the end of an era for us, the other downsides to jumping 20 inches is now  I am back in the huge, never ending jump height with walk throughs so crowded you can't get a sense of the course.  Once I left 20 inches with Fancy, I was glad to be gone.  Now I'm back.  The second downside is I like to compare my dogs to the other dogs in the class and look at times and such (I suppose that is a little bit of competitiveness) and the preferred classes are much smaller and less competitive.  Getting first in a class of 3 isn't that exciting.  But I am doing this for Pie's benefit and so we can continue to run as long as possible, so that makes it worth it.

Go Pie, go!

Riddle Answer

Bean or Bean Plant.

Apparently I have to explain it...

"Stalk" as in Bean Stalk.  Nursery as in plant nursery.

Human Being is usually pronounced Human Bean. (Using mispronounced or misspelled works is acceptable in riddles, so there!)

Pinto Horse, Pinto Bean.

Jelly Bean.  (See Note below.)

Kidney Pie, Kidney Bean.

So  you see, it all makes sense.

* Note:  Instead of the line saying Horse, Jelly, Pie.  I think it should have said Horse, Sandwhich, Pie.  This would keep the format of puting the type of bean first (pinto) then the second word it is associated with second (horse.)  By just putting "jelly," there is no other word associated with it.  It should have been Jelly Sandwich, Jelly Bean.  Oh welll.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I made up a riddle:

I stalk the nursery but I cause no fear,
Within the human being I reside.
Horse, jelly, and pie,
What am I?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I bought a supposedly indestructible chew toy for the Malinois at the AKC Nationals.  The Malinois took that to be a personal challenge.
Raising your tail gives your jaws extra leverage.

Lowering your tail causes the toy to squirt out of your mouth due to the force of your jaws!
When Dottie took a break, Fancy took over.


Employing the "Right Now I Look Nothing Like a Dog" chewing technique.

"How many dogs does it take to chew on a toy?"

If you are going to talk about it so much, I'm not going to chew.


Are you still taking pictures?  What is wrong with you?

Next, she moved to a new spot, and continued to chew.

Enough of her, don't you want to take pictures of me?

And a token picture of beautiful Pie, so she doesn't get left out!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cool Dogs/ Nerdy Dogs

I am WAY too cool for this backyard.

This backyard is WAY too cool for me!

I'm usually too cool for both of you, but the photo-stalker happened to catch me being un-cool.

Now I don't look so cool with no tail and my rear end up in the air!

Termite damage?  Is there a beaver living in my house?  All I know is this used to be an orange block.  Apparently the orange cylinders were particular favorites of the person who lent them to me...