Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I bought a supposedly indestructible chew toy for the Malinois at the AKC Nationals.  The Malinois took that to be a personal challenge.
Raising your tail gives your jaws extra leverage.

Lowering your tail causes the toy to squirt out of your mouth due to the force of your jaws!
When Dottie took a break, Fancy took over.


Employing the "Right Now I Look Nothing Like a Dog" chewing technique.

"How many dogs does it take to chew on a toy?"

If you are going to talk about it so much, I'm not going to chew.


Are you still taking pictures?  What is wrong with you?

Next, she moved to a new spot, and continued to chew.

Enough of her, don't you want to take pictures of me?

And a token picture of beautiful Pie, so she doesn't get left out!

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