Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fire Extinguisher Training

At drill last weekend we had the fire department come and show us how to use fire extinguishers.  I'm not sure why the FD had to be there, but they were.  The best part was the guy lighting the fire.  A guy from the squadron, not involved in the training except as a participant, pulled out a lighter and stuck his hand into the barrel full of wood.  The fireman didn't say anything.  Perhaps he didn't know the person who put the training together and supplied the wood had poured gasoline on the wood? I knew- I saw the red gas can sitting next to the barrel. I didn't say anything either.  The resulting fireball and flaming bits of paper (apparently the fire barrel builder added paper to the gasoline and wood) was quite exciting.  They lit the next barrel using an improvised stick with a burring rag on it.  That fireball was even bigger with even more bits of burring paper exploding all over the place, but at least this time no one got their eye lashes burnt off.

They wanted everyone to use the extinguisher so they kept relighting the fire barrels.  A fireman who works in our squadron but was not conducting the training stepped up and insisted they use diesel instead of gasoline.  Diesel will burn but gasoline explodes.  Good to know.

Here is me looking very  somewhat professional using the fire extinguisher.  Remember- PASS. Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep.

Life is Rough

When you are so Fancy.

Not sure what Fancy was doing pouting on the bed.  Maybe it is because she and Muffin got haircuts?  I think they look extra cute.

A Lovely Wedding

Everyone looked so nice.  But my Sis stole the show!

Sisters!  I'm not actually taller, just had on taller shoes.

My lovely sister got married in a lovely ceremony to a lovely man over the (lovely) 4th of July weekend.  I am so happy for her and her daughter and her new husband.  It really was a beautiful wedding with a gorgeous bride and a fun reception.

My mother, father and youngest brother traveled from LAX to Raleigh.  We didn't stay long but we got to see my sister's new house and some local relatives, plus some semi-local relatives who came in from out of town.  The girls got our nails done the day before, and a make up and hair done on the wedding day.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  Most are taken with my phone so not amazing quality.

My sister's hair do.  Very nice.

Niece gets her hair done.

The Dress and The Back of The Dress.

Me with hair and make up done.  A very rare occurrence.

Youngest Bro looking Snazzy.

The first dance.

My Grandparents.  I particularly enjoyed Grandpap's bow tie.  Bow ties are cool.

The parents with Mom wearing Brother's jacket.  She was very cold.  Super yummy cake in background.

Selfie plus bro.

Dancing the night away.

I kept up my running while in NC and on the fourth of July I ran into the NC Miata Club.  It was a big turn out.  Maybe 25ish cars?  I was interested to see most of them seemed to be the newest model, called the NC.  More about Miatas later.

Zoom Zoom.  Leaving the starting point for their run.

And then it was time to fly home.  I saw lots of clouds.  It was a short but wonderful trip and I am so happy I got to be there to celebrate my sister's wedding.

I noticed I neglected to mention my attention getting ploy as I was leaving the church when I fell off my wedge on my right foot and when I put my left foot down to catch myself my knee twisted and I landed in a heap (after throwing my purse into the air) with my dress over my head.  Hey- just because it is my sister's wedding doesn't mean she should get ALL of the attention.

2 Miles

I ran 2 miles, with no breaks, on Monday.  This time last year I was doing between 3 and 5 miles.  I even did 7 miles one day, which is the longest I've ever run.  My knees and hips were NOT happy.  So 2 miles isn't amazing, but it is more than I could do 2 months ago.  I'd like to be doing 3 miles.  That is my goal for now.