Monday, August 26, 2013

3 Day AKC Trial

This trial was about 7 minuets from my house.  Perfect.  I took Friday off and went all 3 days.  I don't have time for the blow by blow account but the final results are Dottie got 1 standard leg and 2 jumpers legs, for 1 Q each day and no QQs.  Too bad.  The standard run on Sunday was good but a tricky spot got us, despite Dottie trying hard.  On Saturday she jumped off the end of the dw so we excused ourself and on Friday she knocked 2 bars in jumpers.  But she didn't knock any other bars all weekend.  Yay!  Maybe that is getting better.  Overall it was a great trial for us.

Pie and Fancy were both entered 1 day only.  They both QQed.  Fancy wasn't as happy running as she has been.  Either it is because it was hot, or even though she hasn't been running very much she is getting board.  She may retire totally coming up soon.  That will be sad for me.  I've never retired a dog before who is still sound.  Bloom stopped running because he was old and I got his excellent level titles but I knew he was too old to go on for the MXP and MJP.  He was having trouble getting up the A frame (before rubberization.)  Fancy isn't having trouble with anything.  It is always a dilemma.  Do you keep running them in the hopes that it keeps them young, or do you retire them before they get too old and worn out and possibly injured?  Another consideration for me is even though she only runs 1 day a week, retiring her will save money.  Well, she isn't retired yet, but it is something I am thinking about.

Pie as very happy to be running and ran very fast and barked very loud. 

I got 1 of Dottie's runs filmed.  It was second place, but first place was a 20 inch BC, so I don't really count that.  The 20 inch dogs running 24 have an advantage being smaller.

I'm still behind on the blogging and have some exciting news to share, but no time tonight.  I should be in bed, I hope I don't fall asleep at work tomorrow!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sleepy Dottie

I'm behind on my blogging.  A few days in Big Bear to write about, I think I have some random pictures to post, and then something else to talk about.  I may have time on Sunday.  I was at an agility trial today (Dottie only, first place jumpers then jumped off the side of the dw ramp for missed contact) then was busy all night.  I hope to update more thoroughly soon!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dottie Double Q 13 and ISC Classes

Last weekend at DASH in Fountain Valley (LOOOONG drive) Dottie got QQ 13 and an extra jumpers leg.  We also entered ISC which is International Sweepstakes Class.  It only has 3 jump heights- 14, 18 and 26 and has courses modeled after European courses.  Lots of backsides, tricky off courses and they judge upsides of the contacts.  I entered for the challenge and it was challenging.  We did not Q, but gave it a good shot.  I kept Dottie in the 26 inch jump height for the rest of the weekend, but that broke our first place winning streak that we've been on since Memorial Day.  The 26 inch class is the world team hopefuls and for as much as we have sped up, we aren't that fast!

We had lot of sucess this weekend, including the fact that exept for the first run of the weekend, Dottie didn't knock any bars all weekend!  I hope we can keep that up!  I didn't enter any one else because I was worried about conflicts and I am glad I didn't because I would have had lots.

ffluffy was there from AZ so it was great to hang out with her.

Here are the runs:

More Upside Down Pie

I was working on the computer and noticed something waving under my nose.  It was Pie's paw.  She is so weird.

Malinois Rescue Calendar Submisisons

Here are the photos I'm submitting to the Mal Rescue calendar. They've changed the rules so that the dogs who get the most votes will actually be in the calendar. In the past all my friends have come through and voted my photos into the top 12, only to have them not get in the calendar. So this year year votes really will count! I'll post when it is time to vote.
Beach Babe.

I suspect this will be a favorite.

Beware of the Maligator!  I like the reflection and the wake she is leaving.

Pie and the Pie Pack Pose.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Agility Trial

I haven't been to this location recently due to the heat, but a few weekends ago I decided to attempt it.  It actually wasn't that hot for Southern CA in high summer, and in fact on Sunday it was overcast and cool.

The ground here is pretty bad.  The grass is dead and it is bare dirt in most of the jumpers ring, and the standard ring has lots of holes.

Fancy relaxing at the trial.

Pie hoping it is her turn and Dottie showing off her cooling coat.

I can't really remember what our results were- it was weeks ago!  Wait, I remember!  Fancy got a QQ and a first in a class of about 20 dogs!  Which might not seem that impressive until you remember she is a 10 year old, back-yard bred Tibetan Terrier running against the border collies bred for speed and for agility.  Go Fancy!  Her jumpers run was  4th place.

Pie did not QQ.  The weave entry was too hard for her back and I couldn't help her to make it better.  Sorry Pie.  She did Q in standard.

Dottie did not Q at all.  Very sad.  On Saturday in standard she had a great run only to be foiled by the evil triple.  Took off too soon again.  I can't recall what happened in jumpers.  On Sunday I don't remember standard, but in jumpers she had too much speed and the back of a tunnel caught her attention and she went around a jump.  The same mistake the world team hopefuls in front of us made.  At least we know it was a good mistake!

I did do a few blind crosses this weekend, mostly in jumpers, since I knew I didn't have QQs on the line.  Turns out that might be a bad idea for us.  In class on Tuesday, Dottie started to cut behind me, as instructors everywhere will warn you will happen if you do too many blinds!  Egad, it happened to me!  I think blinds are good for me since I am so slow on fronts, but they are also bad for me since they don't always cue what I want to be cuing.  I'm always learning something when I go into the ring with Dottie!

I took some pictures of my friend's keeshound.  Her male (not pictured) got his Mach 3 at this trial!

Fancy Torture

But she got a cookie at the end so she was happy.

Balancing upside down on the back of the couch.

The Malinois are glad they are excluded and Muffin is oblivious.

Why do you do this to me?  Why??? Oh, a cookie?  Ok, let's do it again!

Action Shots!

Random pictures from the previous weeks.  But first, a still shot.

Instead of a black bar protecting her identity, we have a jump bar.

My friend gave me some pointers on how to help the camera not be blurry.  I used it after this nice photo came out blurry.

Not blurry!  Not 100% clear, but better.

Zoomed in too far.

Funny Dottie.

Laying under the jump to try to get this picture didn't go so well.

Last Day in Big Bear

This post is really late since its been so long that I was in Big Bear that I've been there again, and come back from that trip already too!

Since check out is pretty early, we didn't have much time to do anything in the morning except pack up the house and leave.  Since I like to maximize my time however, we did go to the Discovery Center before heading back down the hill.

Packing up.  So sad to be leaving!

Dottie supervises.

The bad news is it was hot.  The good news is it wasn't this hot- the thermometer was broken.

Fancy and Ishy at the Discovery Center.

Fancy as a Bobcat.  Meow.

Fancy makes a new friend.

Hanging out in the new kids section, using the self-timer on the camera.

I hope Fancy doesn't get eaten by a spider!
Good-bye Big Bear!  Until I come again!  Which turned out to be a lot sooner than I thought.

Happy 7th Birthday Pie!

Not doing well remembering birthdays this year- I missed Pie at the end of July. She is now 7. Or possibly older, depending on who you believe! Due to her fused spine she has slowed down a bit in agility, but she loves it just as much as ever. As much as she loves agility, her absolute favorite thing (judging by the amount of whining!) is hiking. And during hikes she hasn't slowed down at all. I think Pie's motto is: Carrying the water and leading the way! Pie is my first Malinois and while she may not be a perfect example of the breed (she's a "lover not a fighter") she sure set my expectations pretty high for any subsequent Mals. She had her Mach at 2 years old and went from her CD to UD in less than 6 months. But more importantly, she is my Sweetie Pie. Thanks to my non-dog friend and ex-coworker for bailing her out of the Moreno Valley Shelter for me 6 years ago. That one, not so small, favor improved my life! Mach 3 The Pie UD RE XF MAD NDD IPO 1 TR2

Pie malinois