Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Pie!

Not doing well remembering birthdays this year- I missed Pie at the end of July. She is now 7. Or possibly older, depending on who you believe! Due to her fused spine she has slowed down a bit in agility, but she loves it just as much as ever. As much as she loves agility, her absolute favorite thing (judging by the amount of whining!) is hiking. And during hikes she hasn't slowed down at all. I think Pie's motto is: Carrying the water and leading the way! Pie is my first Malinois and while she may not be a perfect example of the breed (she's a "lover not a fighter") she sure set my expectations pretty high for any subsequent Mals. She had her Mach at 2 years old and went from her CD to UD in less than 6 months. But more importantly, she is my Sweetie Pie. Thanks to my non-dog friend and ex-coworker for bailing her out of the Moreno Valley Shelter for me 6 years ago. That one, not so small, favor improved my life! Mach 3 The Pie UD RE XF MAD NDD IPO 1 TR2

Pie malinois

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