Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Agility Trial

I haven't been to this location recently due to the heat, but a few weekends ago I decided to attempt it.  It actually wasn't that hot for Southern CA in high summer, and in fact on Sunday it was overcast and cool.

The ground here is pretty bad.  The grass is dead and it is bare dirt in most of the jumpers ring, and the standard ring has lots of holes.

Fancy relaxing at the trial.

Pie hoping it is her turn and Dottie showing off her cooling coat.

I can't really remember what our results were- it was weeks ago!  Wait, I remember!  Fancy got a QQ and a first in a class of about 20 dogs!  Which might not seem that impressive until you remember she is a 10 year old, back-yard bred Tibetan Terrier running against the border collies bred for speed and for agility.  Go Fancy!  Her jumpers run was  4th place.

Pie did not QQ.  The weave entry was too hard for her back and I couldn't help her to make it better.  Sorry Pie.  She did Q in standard.

Dottie did not Q at all.  Very sad.  On Saturday in standard she had a great run only to be foiled by the evil triple.  Took off too soon again.  I can't recall what happened in jumpers.  On Sunday I don't remember standard, but in jumpers she had too much speed and the back of a tunnel caught her attention and she went around a jump.  The same mistake the world team hopefuls in front of us made.  At least we know it was a good mistake!

I did do a few blind crosses this weekend, mostly in jumpers, since I knew I didn't have QQs on the line.  Turns out that might be a bad idea for us.  In class on Tuesday, Dottie started to cut behind me, as instructors everywhere will warn you will happen if you do too many blinds!  Egad, it happened to me!  I think blinds are good for me since I am so slow on fronts, but they are also bad for me since they don't always cue what I want to be cuing.  I'm always learning something when I go into the ring with Dottie!

I took some pictures of my friend's keeshound.  Her male (not pictured) got his Mach 3 at this trial!

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