Monday, August 26, 2013

3 Day AKC Trial

This trial was about 7 minuets from my house.  Perfect.  I took Friday off and went all 3 days.  I don't have time for the blow by blow account but the final results are Dottie got 1 standard leg and 2 jumpers legs, for 1 Q each day and no QQs.  Too bad.  The standard run on Sunday was good but a tricky spot got us, despite Dottie trying hard.  On Saturday she jumped off the end of the dw so we excused ourself and on Friday she knocked 2 bars in jumpers.  But she didn't knock any other bars all weekend.  Yay!  Maybe that is getting better.  Overall it was a great trial for us.

Pie and Fancy were both entered 1 day only.  They both QQed.  Fancy wasn't as happy running as she has been.  Either it is because it was hot, or even though she hasn't been running very much she is getting board.  She may retire totally coming up soon.  That will be sad for me.  I've never retired a dog before who is still sound.  Bloom stopped running because he was old and I got his excellent level titles but I knew he was too old to go on for the MXP and MJP.  He was having trouble getting up the A frame (before rubberization.)  Fancy isn't having trouble with anything.  It is always a dilemma.  Do you keep running them in the hopes that it keeps them young, or do you retire them before they get too old and worn out and possibly injured?  Another consideration for me is even though she only runs 1 day a week, retiring her will save money.  Well, she isn't retired yet, but it is something I am thinking about.

Pie as very happy to be running and ran very fast and barked very loud. 

I got 1 of Dottie's runs filmed.  It was second place, but first place was a 20 inch BC, so I don't really count that.  The 20 inch dogs running 24 have an advantage being smaller.

I'm still behind on the blogging and have some exciting news to share, but no time tonight.  I should be in bed, I hope I don't fall asleep at work tomorrow!

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Claire said...

Great job all around, and how cute that Pie barks while running fast!