Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trip to PA

Back a few weeks ago I traveled to PA for my Grandfather's 80th birthday.  This was the first time the entire family was together since 2000.  Our first stop was D.C to visit older younger brother and his girlfriend J.  They both have very important jobs with the government.   Youngest brother has been living with them during his internship.

Me and the brothers outside his house.

My dogs on their own vacation.

At the Washington Monument.
View from the edge of the reflecting pool.

A beautiful couple in a beautiful location.
Riding one of the bike share bikes.  Fun.
WWII Memorial with Lincoln in background.
Korean Monument.

At the docks at Mt. Vernon on the Potomac River.

Youngest bro in same location.
Hanging with G at Mt Vernon.
The tomb of Martha and George Washington.
Outside of the Smithsonian Air and Space Annex.
My favorite aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird.

The Enola Gay.  I got chills.
So many great aircraft.

Neat view of the Blackbird and the orbiter Discovery.

Mom and the Discovery.  So cool that it has been in space!


K and J on the river cruise on the Potomac.
The Watergate Hotel and Conference Center.

Hello again.

Older younger bro made a delicious dinner for us.  So good!

Next we headed to PA for the birthday celebrations!

This is me at my Grandparent's house by the largest tamarac tree in PA.

My fav niece and Godchild.

Aunt A took me to see Cats at the Civic Light Oprah.

Grandpap and cousin Mark have the same birthday.

Siblings plus L.

Deer and turkeys in my Grandparent's neighborhood.

Family plus J.

Out of order... but this is me in Maryland, the state of my birth.

This is the crew who went to Go Ape, a tree top and zip lining adventure.  Fun, but I hurt my ankle.

A good trip, just long enough I'd say.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


ffluffy bought Fancy a Harley Davidson vest and hat.  Sadly, it was a bit too small, and a bit too large for Muffin.

After seeing the pictures, an agility friend passed along some of her old dog's leathers. He was a Champion Utility Bull Terrier. He looked really good in them. Fancy looks kind of silly. Dottie looks nice. She is a hot biker chick!

ffluffy and the Beach

While I was out of town, ffluffy took care of my dogs.  As usual, she made their day by taking them to the beach!  Actually, she only took Fancy because Fancy is the only good beach dog.

Fancy was so happy!

Ho, Peep, Fancy and Chewy...

Bone Time

The local butcher had some cow femur bones this past week.  And some rib bones.  But those are more available, usual.  The funny thing about the femurs is the saw was broken so they gave them to me whole.  The dogs loved them, of course.  

While the dogs chewed, I polished my bike.  A pretty bike like that with lots of chrome needs time spent polishing.  It's all part of the lifestyle. :)

Fancy goes to town.

Pie says a big dog deserves a big bone.

Muffin is happy with his little bone.

Not to worry, Kerby had a chance with the big bone too.

Dottie did a good job on the bone and I did a good job on the bike.

Base Motorcycle Trip

There is an on-base motorcycle "club."  It isn't really a club since there are no meetings or dues or regular goings ons.  It is only a club in that it is only open to motorcycle riders on base.  We took a trip to Carpinteria.  We rode up the 150 to a car show called Rods and Roses.  Not sure what the Roses had to do with it, but there were young people wandering around selling roses.  Overall a nice day and a good outing.

The bike gang.
General MacArthur was hanging about.

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The girls and I hung out by an oil pump in Santa Paula. 

Private property but we were allowed to be there.  Too bad I don't know the owner well enough to go there more often.  The dogs had a great time running a muck.  I climbed the ladder to the top of the pump.  It was covered in oil.  Not slippy, just very dirty.