Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Friends

When I sold the Honda, the man who bought it hooked me up with his girlfriend.  Perhaps I should re-phrase that.  He wanted us to go for rides together.  He didn't have his license yet but she had been riding for quite some time.  We went on our first ride together on the Fourth of July.  As it turns out he was able to come to.  Julia and Gary are great riding buddies.  It was funny to be riding with my old bike.  Gary fixed up the cosmetic damage and also added a new muffler.  Julia rides a Triumph.  We rode up to Santa Barbara and had lunch at a place I wouldn't normally eat at.  It was all organic and fancy and expanded my horizons.

L to R- My Sporty, the Triumph and my old Honda.

Looking good up in SB.

The ladies.

After the lunch we headed back to my place.  The parents were having their annual 4th of July BBQ/ Party so I invited Julia and Gary.  They accepted!  They hung out for awhile, met the family, then were on their way.  

It is great to have new friends!

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