Sunday, August 10, 2014

Motorcycle Marla

One night I had a though that a motorcycle might be fun.  I expected to wake up the next morning thinking, "What was I thinking?"  But instead I woke up thinking it was still a good idea!

I never expected to own a motorcycle because it just wasn't something I was interested in.  But now that I have one I wish I hadn't waited so long!  It is like a cross between a sportscar and a horse!  The best of both worlds.  Plus, legal to drive on the freeway.

After getting this idea I started researching motorcycles. I knew I didn't want a sport bike (crotch rocket) and I thought a standard would be a better choice than a cruiser.  I settled on a Honda CB 500F.  Because it has less fairing (the plastic pieces that make the bike look fast) the reviews said it is actually more agile than the sport bike of the same model.  I wanted to get ABS so I was forced to buy a brand new one.  I signed up for the motorcycle safety class that also teaches you how to ride, but it took a while to get in it.  So I had the motorcycle before I knew how to ride it.
Sadly not a great picture of a nice looking bike.

This was unfortunate because I had some incedents where I dropped the bike.  It damged the mirrors and other replacable parts, but luckily not the body or paint.  I got into the class and learned a lot.  It was a great class.  I rode a Suzuki GZ 250 in the class.  I knew if I could practice on one of those I could get confident and become a better rider.  I found one for a great price on Craigslist. It was a year 2000 but only had 1500 miles.  It ran great so I bought it.
Up in Solvang.

Suzuki 250 on left and Honda 500 on right.

I rode it for two weeks and put 200 miles on it.  I rode it on the freeway and up to Solvang. On the way back from Solvang it really struggled on the hills.  I decided I needed an upgrade and also that I probably would never be comfortable on the Honda.  It was a really nice bike but was too tall for me.  Good riders can ride any size bike but I am not a good rider.  I am a new rider.

I listed the Honda on Craigslist and got a buyer.  I discounted it due to the damage and because of the depreciation once it leaves the lot.  I started looking at bikes on Craigslist (I love Craigslist).  I found a great Harley Davidson Sportster for as much as I sold the Honda for.  Perfect!  It is a 2003 with 3000 miles.  It also has lots of custom upgrades including Screaming Eagle pipes (sound great) a K&N Airfilter.  I ride it to and from work everyday, which is a 60 mile round trip.  I put about 1000 miles on it every month!  I love it!

The title is inspired by the new nickname a co-worker and my neighbor have cristened me with.  Also, 5 separate people have now referred to me as "badass."  I guess if enough people say it, it must be true. :)

It is the 100th Anniversary Edition.  Called an 883 Hugger.  Made for short people like me.

All geared up and ready to go.
My cool Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.

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