Saturday, July 27, 2013

Big Bear Day Four

Our last full day.

Today has hot and smokey.  The fire burning down the hill was sending up lots of smoke.  We decided on a close hike so if it was too hot and smokey we could go back to the cabin and we wouldn't have spent a lot of time driving to the hike.

The Pine Knot trail is just down the road from the cabin.  We tried this trail once before but never really found it.  Unfortunately, we almost repeated that!  We knew it left from a certain picnic spot parking lot, but once there we couldn't find the trail head.  We waked to the back of the picnic spot, then picked a random direction and went up the hill.  We eventually came to a dirt road and followed that for a while until, Eureka, we found the trail!

Trail was great.  It went up and down and had lake views and shade and ferns and trees. It did end up being both hot and smokey but we hiked for a long time anyway.  It ended up being 5 miles.

After the hike we had lunch/ dinner then took the dogs to the lake for one last time.

Wandering around looking for the trail.

Shade and trees.

Only slightly up hill here.

Pie had the Pie Pack and good thing because there was no water.

Pie and Bob stayed ahead and got a lot of running in.  But they also got very hot!

The hiking group.

I like this picture!

View of the lake through the smoke.

A convenient little bench.

A large boulder I posed Fancy on.  Then I had to get her off.  I caught her when she jumped.

A big burned out tree for posing.

We were on the trail!

Fancy trying out some cammo.

This looked like an interesting trail. We could get to a ski lift.

A ferny mountain meadow.

We came across this group campsite.

Chewy got his foot bandaged.  Pie ended up with a pink wrap also!

Not the best group shot ever.


Pie and the Pie Pack Pose.

Fancy gets thrown up on a log for a pose.

Heading back down.

Pie and Bob way out a head.

We followed the trail all the way back to the parking lot and we found the real trail head.  It is right by where we parked!  Now we know for next time.  As it turns out, we actually were not on the Pine Knot trail for most of the hike.  But either way it was a great hike.

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