Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Bear Day 2

Our first full day in Big Bear.  We got up and made the plan for a hike. ffluffy wanted to hike where there was water, and requested the Gunsite Trail.  We looked it up to remind ourselves how to get there (it is off of the Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail.)  Off we went!

What I didn't remember was the dirt road being so long.  I had some concerns about driving the minivan on it, but I put it in first and we got in and out fine, with the alignment probably only a little bit out of whack.

I love this hike because usually there are places for the dogs to water themselves along the way (not so much this time) and because of the changing terrain. First you start out in a lodge-pole pine (mostly, at least) forest, and the ground is covered in ferns.  There is even a lush, green, mountain meadow!  I went to a Girl Scout Camp called Mountain Meadows, so it is always exciting for me to see a real mountain meadow.  I don't recall there being one at the camp.

After you leave the ferns the trail descends into a more typical and therefore dry California type forest.  After that it descents further and the trees go away and you are left with big views and some bushes.  Eventually you come to some rocks that you have to step carefully over and on and from there the trail keeps going down with great views and some shade and some sunny spots.  We eventually turned around so we didn't end up in San Bernadino.  My only wish is that it was a loop.  Loop Trails are always more satisfying than hiking in, deciding when to turn around, then hiking back out.

I bought a new Camel Back for this trip and it worked out great!  I think I might have to get a bigger bladder though.  On the Pine Knot trail I drank it dry!  2 liters, gulp, gone!

Pictures from the hike below!
One of our favorite posting spots. Top- L to R: Dottie, Fancy, Peep, Pie  Bottom: Pickle, Hunda

Most of  the usual water places had dried up, but this lovely mud hole was still moist.

Dottie muddy up to her chest.  And you may notice her mask is extra dark.  That is all mud also!

Mud Pie.

Hiking through the ferns.

Trying to get a good picture with flowers.

Since we were here 2 years ago they improved the bridges quite a bit.

Going down in elevation and navigating some rocks.

During our break.

Still going down, but we got some shade here.

Looks like the mnt. collapsed.

Getting hotter!

Dottie finds some shade.

The dogs wait for us ahead in the shade.

Big rocky section.  Can you spot Pie? She's looking right at you.

I (pretend) to climb a rock while Dottie supervises.

Cool tree growing around a rock.

Back at the mud hole, ffluffy gets mudized by one of her dogs.

Ferns again, on the way back.

I love the tall trees!

A picturesque spot, but I guess I cropped that out.

The best effort using the timer, too bad I'm too tall.

Dottie attacks the stick I threw to get them all to look at the camera.

Timer use on the stump.

I think the Buick did better on the dirt road to get to this hike.  I was only a little worried about getting stuck.

Very dirty car!

After the hike ended up being longer than originally planned, it was time for lunch.  The tired dogs stayed home and Muffin got to come.  He approved.

Muffin at lunch.

After lunch, which was also dinner, it was lake time!  Pie almost always gets the ball, unless I make her wait.

ffluffy and 2 of her border collies.

Typical swimming scene.

Dottie charges out to annoy Fancy.

Fancy is mad.

Pie, the scourge of Big Bear Lake.  (Can you hear the Jaws music?)

Fancy makes use of the towel.  She is obsessed about drying off after being wet.

The old ones hang out together.

View from our deck.  So peaceful!

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