Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Fancy!!!

Happy TENTH birthday Fancy! I missed it when we were in Big Bear, but if I was going to miss it, Big Bear was the place to do it. Pach Mach 4 M's Fanciful Endeavour UD RE XF MAD BH TR2 NDD... 2nd Place Finisher 2013 16P AKC Nat Agility Champ, 4th Place Finisher 2012 16P AKC Nat Agility Champ, 5 time Invitee AKC Agility Invitational, 2 Time Finalist AKC Invitational. The only TT with a MACH and a UD and probably the only TT with a draft title. But the best part is Fancy has not aged a day since I got her at two. As a younger dog she got some USDAA Qs at 26 inches and just today she popped over some 26 inch jumps in the back yard, easily. She's gotten faster in agility in the last 2 years, has only ever been lame with a ripped pad, and should be with me another 10 years! Happy Birthday to my Fancy; co-pilot, counter surfer extraordinaire, snuggly bed warmer, English speaking, sometimes grumpy, Pants.

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