Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Bear 2013!

After having to skip Big Bear last year, we are in Big Bear now!!  Once again ffluffy and I rented a cabin.  Sadly, our usual cabin has been sold and was not available. I found another one that looked promising.  The only downside is it was a bit more expensive.  Check in is not until 3, so I took the opportunity to sleep in a little on Monday.  After packing, (and taking Dottie to the vet) we left the house around 12, and arrived in Big Bear just after 3.  Check in went well and we drove up to the cabin to inspect.  It is a good cabin!  Nice and close to the lake, with a nice deck and ample bedrooms.  The downside is the living room only had 1 light!  Once the sun went down it was too dark to even work the TV and I had to get out a flashlight.  Later, I found a floor lamp in an upstairs bedroom and brought it down.  Much better.

It isn't a trip unless the car is loaded to the top!

At the cabin!  Looking through the screen at Dottie with cobwebs on her head.

Dottie investigates the view from the back porch.

3 dogs on  swing.

Muffin added.

The kitchen has good wallpaper.

After arriving and unpacking, my dogs and I headed to the lake while ffluffy had a snack.  I left Dottie at the cabin in case her injury wasn't fully healed.  Besides, Fancy has so much more fun when Dottie isn't there bothering her.  I took the lake pictures with my old-school flip phone, so I imagine the quality suffered.

Swimming for the ball.

And bringing it back.

Pie waits.

Silly Fancy waits in a down.

More swimming.  I was throwing the ball from in the water and it was not cold.

2 satisfied customers walking home.

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