Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beach Day

After the very hot weekend we had a bit ago (this post is over due) I looked forward to taking the dogs to the beach.  I don't go on the weekends due to crowds.  Monday showed up and it was gloomy and cool, but since I had been craving a beach day we headed out after work.

I didn't bring a ball because fetching the ball in the water causes Pie to accidentally ingest the salt water with disastrous results.  And the ball causes Dottie to obsess over Fancy with annoying results.   I just planned a relaxing walk along the beach.  Unfortunately, there were so many fishermen we couldn't walk along the water's edge.  And walking behind the fishermen doesn't work because the dogs constantly run to the water and could potentially get in the way.

So we picked a spot and hung out.  Much to the dog's disgust. Without the ball, they wouldn't run and play.  They spent most of the time backing up, trying to entice me to throw a non-existent ball.  Oh well, at least it was cool.

Some fun running.

Digging is always popular.

Glamor shot plus sandy nose.

Pie gives it a try.

Not too wet.

Does this ever happen to human models posing on the beach?

Lots of this going on.

Dottie supervises the digging.

I spotted this sail boat.

Big waves!

Off into the setting sun. 

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