Monday, July 1, 2013

Southern California Collie Club Agility Trial Results

Dottie didn't Q very much this weekend (2 for 6), but when she did Q her winning streak continued. She has all first places since Memorial Day. NQs were 2 (slight, in my ever so humble opinion) handler errors and 2 bars. One bar she touched the wing and the other she didn't jump high enough.    I saw the underside of her deep chest scrape it.  We also had additional random bars. She was definitely hot but was still very fast. Good old Pie was 4 for 4 with all first places and 2 QQs. Fancy was 1 for 2 and was a bit naughty. I'm not really sure what has happened to my steady, "when you absolutely, positively, MUST Q, call Fancy" girl.

Dottie got 41 points (one std and one jww), Pie had 89, and Fancy 17.  Fancy and Pie are both in P so they get more points per run, but Dottie is running faster yps (yards per second) and that is what counts.  On the runs Dottie dropped a bar in but had no other mistakes, she would have also taken first based on time compared with the other dogs.  By 3 full seconds in one class!  It is so nice to have a truly fast dog!  She is fast, but her fastest times come from tight turns.  If the course is wide open, she won't have as big as an advantage.

Since the trial was practically in my backyard, there were lots of local friends to hang out with, great times were had! Not so great heat, hummidity, and running order... I was there past 2 o'clock each day due to the judging schedual having open JWW before Masters and of course T2B always runs first and takes up time.  I'd rather be in and out quickly.

I am sad my last run of the day I couldn't get there in time for a nice tight post turn with Dottie and instead cued huge extension...Someday I'll be the handler I want to be, and then my dogs will be happier. Good dogs for putting up with me as I am now. 

I didn't take any videos, but I did snap a picture the dogs and their pretty ribbons.

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