Thursday, June 27, 2013

Article Proofing

I've been doing this a lot!  Yesterday was a C shape around a pole.  Yesterday was a B shape with the correct article placed up against the side of a building.  Today was placing them in front of the van, and I sent her from behind the van.  I showed her the location first so it wasn't a find the pile then find the right one.  It was actually nice because I didn't have to watch her try to pick the right one!  A lot less stressful for me that way.  All I could hear was the sound of metal articles moving around on concrete.  Then she's come trotting around the side of the van with an article in her mouth.  Was it the correct one?? Yes!!!  She got them both correct, and on leather I had put the correct one on the edge of the pile a bit under the car and she still got it.

Good girl!!!  We also did more HITT today at lunch then after work.  She did very well at lunch.  After work I left the water out all together since it is evaporating by the time we run the track, which is immediately after I lay it.  Pretty hot here right now.  Does the water help even after it has evaporated?  Yes.

However, even without the water and with the food drops at 30-50 ft, she still did pretty well.  However, it was not aged at all.  If she had done this well with aging at 3 hrs I'd call it perfect.  We have a while to go still, and I think I will continue to use the water, put put the food at 30-50 ft, instead of every 2 paces.

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