Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day USDAA Trial

This was our fourth day of agility in a row, and I thought that was probably too much.  Perhaps if I was in the same location I would have felt differently.  But packing up on Sunday only to unpack and set it all back up on Monday was a little much.  Dottie seemed perfectly happy to be doing one more day though, and I suppose that is encouraging.  She was the only one entered.

This trial was very different from the one in Pomona.  Out in the sun, not under cover, out in the country, not the city, nice close parking and no parking fee, and unfenced rings on grass rather than fenced dirt rings.

The trial was not very kind to us, Q wise, but there were lots of good parts.  Our jumpers run was not filmed, but she ran very fast and was only 0.06 seconds behind the only other 26 inch dog entered, who is a World Team hopeful.  Our only mistake was one knocked bar.  I don't know why it came down.

Next was Master's Challange Jumpers which is a tricky international type course.  The bad part was I had to keep calling her to keep her close, but the good part was she came each time, had nice tight turns and didn't go off course.  However, I took her off course after forgetting one jump.  Drat!  When I realized we were off course, I pulled up and she knocked a bar.  I think that bar would not have been an issue had I not gone off course.

In Snooker, Dottie Qed and did everything perfect.  I took a conservative approach and only did 3 of the 4 reds, so our point value was not very high, and the World Team hopeful took the Super Q.

In Gamblers Dottie listened well and I messed up the Gamble for an NQ.  I thought it was an easy gamble too.  She eventually did the gamble, but the buzzer went as she took off for the last jump so we didn't finish the gamble in time and didn't Q.

The final run of the day was standard and I was hoping for a Q.  Alas, instead she took out the tire, the first obstacle, so no Q.  When she knocks the first bar (or the tire if it is first) I pull her from the run so she learns that is unacceptable.  If she knocks a bar on course it could be my fault for calling her in the air or getting in her way.  But the first bar is her responsibility.  It was a bummer last run of the weekend though.

The good news is as long of both of us stay healthy, we always get another run in a future weekend!

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