Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HITT Day 4

Not to worry, I'm not filming every day!  However, I feel some documentation is in order since when I searched HITT online for tips on what to fade and how (water first, food first, etc) my first blog post was one of the first things to come up.  If that is the way of it, I can't disappoint!

Today I did one session at lunch then another after work.  At lunch I had to abandon a few tracks because they were evaporating before I could get the food down, and once they were evaporated, I didn't know where they went!  I didn't make note of what food spacing I was using, but after work I made sure to keep track.  She did pretty well at lunch.  I did 2 sessions and both were similar.

After work I went to a new location and our first track was not good.  Again the water was evaporating quicker than I would like.  I tried food every 4 paces but that was too much.

For the next  track I went to 3 paces and that seems just right.  I will keep it there to solidify it, then move back to 4.

So far this has done a very good job of teaching her nose down behavior on hard surface.  Of course she already did that, but now she is obsessed with it!  It isn't surprising with her food drive, but now as soon as we get out of the car her nose is down and sniffing.  I've tired feeding her pieces until we get to the start of the track, but she'd rather ignore me and sniff.  So now I just hold her collar until we get there.

Here is our video from today.

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