Friday, June 14, 2013

Stony Pony Agility Trial

I have no idea why this location is called Stone Pony.  It is only about 20 minuets away and has nice new grass.  Both positives!  The negative is the rest of the trial site is dirt with no shade so you get quite dirty and it was hot enough the sand was hot on the dog's feet.

Unsuccessful day of agility on Sunday.  There was a cool jumpers course with backside that 97% of dogs had no trouble with, despite the mutterings of the handlers. Fancy Qed on that course but Dottie had the third bar (jump after the backside). Dottie also had 3rd bar down in standard, plus other mistakes. Fancy had a sneezing fit coming out of the chute and never even saw the weaves. The good part of the day was hanging out with lots of cool agility friends. It was hot at the trial, hot enough for the sand out side the rings to be uncomfortable for some dog's feet. But back here in Camarillo it is overcast and cool.  Overall, my q rate for the weekend was dismal with none of the dogs getting a QQ any day.  Drat.

I'm off agility for the next two weekends.  Maybe we'll come back strong in 3 weeks.  I do have videos but I don't think they are worth posting.  Even with the videos, I still can't tell why Dottie was knocking the bars.

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