Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Dottie!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Dottie!! So far it has been a very interesting and educational journey. From the puppy kept in isolation, to the aloof and independent teenager, to the dog who I can't keep off my lap- she has changed so much. And from the puppy who showed promise to the uninspiring young adult and then the mature dog who discovered a love for agility- more changes! Now she is 1/2 Mach, AAD, CDX, TDX, IPO3 and FH: let's see what the next 4 years and beyond bring. I love my Dot!
At AKC Nationals in OK- "I work out."

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Claire said...

What a cute puppy she was (and is)! So many changes for her, but I know you've been happy to share them with her. Here's to many more Dottie birthdays!