Saturday, June 1, 2013

More House Guests

We have an elderly Shitzu and young Scottie/ Poodle mix rooming with us for the next few days.  This is the second custom I've received from my Craigslist add.  I will gladly watch these dogs again, but I'm not renewing my add so I'm not taking any more "new clients."  I had hoped to make up the difference in watching dogs in what I am losing in my upcoming pay cut.  However, even though I haven't had any problems yet, I decided the possible trouble isn't worth it.   If I'm making money I should have a business license and insurance would be a good idea.  So I'm taking down my shingle, as it were.  I'll still watch my co-worker's dog(s) as a favor to them, but no more outside dogs.

These 2 get along fine with mine.  They are well behaved and stay loose during the day, although separate from my dogs, since I am over cautious.  This was the scene as I was making myself some dinner the other night.

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