Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Dad, Mom and I went to see the USS Iowa in San Pedro for Father's Day.  As loyal blog readers my recall, when I was in Mississippi I visited Alabama and saw the USS Alabama in Mobil.  It had more areas of the ship open, but as we were leaving we saw a sign on the Iowa saying as time progresses they will be opening more of the Iowa.  We'll have to go back when they do!

It was a good trip and good time spent with my "folks."  We also visited some shops and eateries (although we neglected to eat anything) at the Port 'o Call down the road.  Happy (Late) Father's Day to the best Dad I could ever hope for!

The adventurous spirit of my parents!

Me with the guns of the "Big Stick."

I also enjoyed watching this cargo ship get loaded.

A bottomless hole covered by plexiglass so no one falls in and is never seen again.

A never ending corridor that was roped off.

View out the bridge.

The battle bridge surrounded by lots of armor.

Random little sign.

This WWII ship was modified in the 80's for modern warfare with cruise missiles.

Fire Dept. having fun.

View from the stern of the ship.  OOOO.... technical.

Another great picture.

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