Sunday, March 15, 2015


On Saturday I went to see the poppies in Lancaster.  Of course I took many, many pictures of the dogs.

While I was unloading the dogs, I noticed a lady who had managed to get her sportscar stuck on the dirt access road.  I drove my minivan up no problem, and her BMW would have been fine had she not lost her nerve and tried to turn around.  By attempting to turn around she got her rear tire in softer sand and ran over some very waxy, wet plants.  The tire dug up the loose soil and the plants coated her tire in wetness.  I discovered this all when I went to see if I could help.  Her troubles were further complicated by her summer tires that needed to be replaced.  They had very little tread.  I found a piece of a cinder block and put in in front of the tire.  I have learned a thing or two off-roading with Dad.  The tire grabbed the block and pulled it under, but it ended up being too slick as well.  It might have worked if not for the slick plant material all over her tire.  I looked around hoping to see a likely looking Jeep- because who else is going to help you when you are stuck off road?  Luckily for the lady (I'm sorry to say she was blond) just then a Jeep with a winch came along.  I roped him into helping her and left them to it.  I kept an eye on them as I was taking pictures and I saw him pull her out.  I believe there might have been some damage to her front bumper caused by the winch cable, since he had to attach the cable under the car.

Muffin doesn't really get into picture taking.

I think this is my favorite shot.

The poppies made Pie a little "derpy."  New word for "dorky."  But not exactly the same.   More like silly and dorky combined.

Pie, Poppies, Mountains and snow!

Dottie was hot.
Pie was pretty.

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