Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playtime in the Sun

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day.  I was pet sitting for our friend Hal the Aussie again.  We hung out at the parent's house and all the dogs (minus Fancy and Roscoe who didn't want to play) had a fun play date.

Just starting off the play time.  Pie looks sly.

Dottie and Hal are BFF.

Hal says- Play with me now!

This looks like fun.

Dottie and Kerby are also BFF.


Pie was more about rolling than playing.

Kerby only pretended to be tired.

2 Girls against 1 Boy.  He looks happy.

More Wheeeeee!!!!

Muffin spectates.


I like Dottie's sneer.

Does this picture make Molly look fat?

Dottie plays hard to get.

Molly endorses 1-800-Get Thin.


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