Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home Ownership Pitfalls...

Luckily I am still renting, or else this would be my problem.  Soon after I moved in, water started coming up through a seam in the patio.  I say seam, but I suppose it is actually an old repair.  My guess is this has happened before.  I told the owner and they sent out someone from the home warrenty company (they just bought the property).  That person had to call a leak detection company to figure out where the leak is.  As it turns out, it is directly under the leakage area, which is bad news for the owner.  The warrenty only covers things inside or under the house.  Patio not included.  In the mean time, the puddle was getting quite large on the patio and next to it.  That was a pain because the dogs had to go through it to get into the house.  The gardener dug this trench and installed the drain extension.  So no more puddle, but now we can see just how much water is being wasted by watching the rate of flow.  Tuesday is the next day someone is coming out.  This time they should jackhammer up the patio (or I suppose they could dig under it maybe) and finally fix the leak.  Besides not owning the house, the other good news for me is the owner pays the water bill.  I am afraid it is going to be quite large!

Pie and Dottie in a typical yard play session.

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