Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A while back (it was a while back since I am behind on blogging) I was riding my bike home from work and after I made the turn off the freeway and when I was about a mile from my house at a stoplight, I noticed my bike seemed extra low to the ground.  I mean, I know they call it a "hugger" because you hug the ground you are so low, but it felt even lower, maybe more like a "flat on your stomach."  The light turned green and I attempted to go, but the bike had gotten stuck in wet cement.  Or something.  I knew either the engine had fallen off or I had a flat.  I managed to finish the turn then pull over with only one person honking at me.  Geeze, I'm having a mechanical emergency, give me a break.

Upon exiting (demounting?  dismounting?) the bike I discovered the front tire was flat.  None of the tow companies I called answered so I called the Harley Dealer which is not to far away, and caught them before "the driver" went home.  They sent a really neat trailer that cranks down to be flat on the ground.  "The driver" took me home and carted my bike off.

Since he (the bike is a he) already had an appointment next week for his 5000 mile check up, they kept him until then and then fixed the tire and did all of his routine maintenance.  I think they gave me a free tow, which was nice because everything else was so expensive.  But I guess that is what you get when you own a HD.  He's worth it.

(Wha wha whaa.. sad trombone sound)

Towed away.

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