Thursday, May 1, 2014

Home Improvements

I've been in the house a few weeks now and it is great!  It is so huge compared to what I am used to in the duplex and the studio before that.  Plenty of room for all of us!  Since moving in I've done a few improvements.  Or at least, I've HAD a few improvements done.

Removed and chopped up old clothes line.

This is the hole from the clothes line.  It was huge!

See, Fancy fits in it!

Then it went down even further at the bottom.  Crazy.

Security screen door on the back so I can leave the door open during the day for a breeze.

Electrical outlets on the back porch for the agility lights and dryer.

Ran the gas line out the back for the dryer.  The washing machine is still in the garage, but there is no hope of fitting my car in the garage with the dryer in there.

Blinds in the kitchen.

And living room.

These are the kind I got in the bedrooms.

New ceiling fan where there was only a light before.

When we had the "big" rain I pushed these trees over in the soggy ground since I was going to landscape the backyard.  The trees are still alive months later and the back yard still isn't landscaped.

Front screen door for airflow when I am home.
The most recent project was a new gate.

Nothing new here, just the weeds that grew in after the rain that I mow and weed whack every 2 weeks.  But now that it as been so hot and dry, they are dying off.

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