Sunday, October 13, 2013

Decorations for Missy

I had time to finish putting up the vinyl stickers I bought for Missy's room.  I wanted to get something unisex in case there is ever a boy in that room.  I also wanted something large.  Most of the stickers that fit this criteria were trees of one kind or another and trees seem to equal monkeys.  I don't really care for monkeys, and I don't want them as a roll model for a child.  I found this one and thought it was perfect (no monkeys!) and I thought it could be unisex.  After getting a look at it in person, it seems pretty girly to me.  I'm not worried since I'm thinking positive that Missy won't be going anywhere.

I like how it turned out.  I also ordered an "expansion pack" that I'll put above the window on the opposite wall, but it hasn't shown up yet. Mine doesn't look 100% like the directions, but close! The biggest difference is the animals belong below the tree, but you'd never see them there in Missy's room.

Just getting started but 3 pieces have gone up already!  The chicken wall hanging moved above the doorway.

All done!

Close up of the cute animals.  I added the hearts.  How creative of me.

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