Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yay, Dog Pictures!

I traded up my camera so I could get one that takes good action shots.  I used the burst feature and got some sequence shots.

I had to get a new laptop because my old one (almost 5 years old) stopped working completely.  The new laptop does not have the same picture editing program and I think I compressed these images too far.  They were nice and crisp before I compressed them.  Some compressing is necessary since I have satellite internet and it is limited to 5 GB a month.  With out compressing the photos I upload, not only would uploading take too long, but I'd also go over my data limit and get charged.  I think now that I live in town and cable is available, once my contract is up in Nov, I will get cable internet.  Fast and unlimited- woo hoo!

And now back to the dogs:

This looks awkward.

Poor Kerby!

After getting landed on Kerby stays further away from the action.

Dottie goes up.

Dottie misses.

Dottie misses again.

Kerby thinks, "Better you than me, Pie!"

Pie is squished.

Dottie pounces but Pie is triumphant. 


Everyone is hopeful they will get it.

But Pie's big chompers have an advantage.

More awkward.

Kerby is extra cute and Pie needs brushed.  Dottie is... Dottie.

Once again Pie's big mouth will win her the prize.

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