Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lombardi's Ranch

Every year as kids we'd go to Lombardi's Ranch (out in the sticks) to pick our pumpkins.  It used to be a small affair but with the growth of the surrounding city it has gotten huge!  In fact the crowd was so large that if it wasn't the Halloween "tradition" I'd skip it next year.  They have people directing traffic and even the highway patrol acting as a crossing guard.  I went the last few years to watch little brother perform in the band, but this year I went to take Missy to her first pumpkin patch!

This is the uncrowded side of the patch!

I love this picture of Missy on a pumpkin!

Granddad and Missy having  fun.


Checking out the big pumpkin.

She fell asleep as we were leaving and turned into a "limp dishrag." :)

It was a big day because before Lombardi's we went to her day care's Harvest Festival.

Checking out the pumpkins.  "Just my size."

Pie poses with her witch hat.

Playing a "game."  Missy won some bubbles.

Missy telling Pie not to drink the water.  Too late.

She's too young to have real fun on the bounce house, but she stood on the side and pretended.

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